August 2010

Crewe internet paedophile James Martin, 21, jailed for 30 months after blackmailing girls

A 21-YEAR-OLD paedophile from Crewe who admitted downloading child porn and persuading young girls to strip while he watched over the internet has been jailed.

James Martin, of Artle Road, was sentenced to 30 months in prison, put on the sex offenders register indefinitely and banned from working with children after pleading guilty to 14 sex offences committed between 2005 and 2008.

The charges related to the making and distribution of pornographic images involving a child under 13 and two children between 13 and 17.

He admitted downloading 66 images of child pornography ranging up to category four – the second most severe level – as well as making images of child pornography.

During 2007 and 2008, when he was in his late teens, he befriended and groomed three girls, aged 12-15 while posing as a 15-year-old boy on the MSN messenger chatroom.

After building up friendships, he convinced each of the girls to expose their breasts to him via webcam for his sexual gratification.

He made a number of video-stills of the girls topless and continued to encourage them.

When two refused to strip again, he said he’d make the pictures public and send them to their friends and family.

Martin was arrested on January 3, 2009, and a desktop computer and a laptop was seized.

Prosecutor Martin McRobb said: “He told one girl she’d never escape him and another “You cannot escape, I’ll continue to blackmail you”.”

Martin uploaded the images on to a personal website which no one else had access to.

Mr McRobb said: “This has had a traumatic effect on one girl who’s had a breakdown, self-harmed and suffered anxiety and stress.

“She’s seen a child psychiatrist and there has been a breakdown in her relationship with her family.”

Mark Le Broq, defending, said Martin was immature, sexually inexperienced and unable to form relationships with anyone of his own age.

Judge Stephen Clarke said: “You formed those relationships deliberately for your own sexual purposes and directed their activities. This is a most obvious form of exploitation. A girl’s life has been turned upside down. Only a custodial sentence can be justified.”