July 2009

Mother’s anger at sex offender who showed no remorse

A convicted sex offender who sexually molested a six-year-old girl over a five-year period should be locked behind bars for life, his victim’s mother has said.

Coleraine man James Moore was yesterday sentenced to five years imprisonment after being found guilty of indecently assaulting the young girl over a five-year period. His victim, who is now 15, was just six years old when she was first abused by Moore.

The 64 year-old from Ballyness Park — who was also convicted of a sexual assault more than 30 years ago — was found guilty by a jury at Antrim Crown Court of five counts of indecent assault. The attacks took place over an unknown period between September 1999 and September 2004.

During Moore’s three-day trial his young victim gave evidence against him via video link. The girl’s mother said she is |furious that Moore has shown no remorse for what he did and that she is concerned he will be back on the streets within a few years.

“We are pleased that it is over and that he appears to have got one of the higher sentences available but we would have preferred for him never to have got out ever again. When he gets out I really hope he does not move anywhere near where my daughter lives.

“I hope she never has to see him again.

“He has not shown any remorse, he is still denying he did anything,” she said.

The girl’s mother added: “She was only six when it started.

“We found out about four years ago. When I found out what had happened to my daughter I felt very angry, guilty, sad, frustrated — just devastated. But at the time we chose not to go to the police as we felt she had been through enough.

“Over a period of time it became apparent he had other children in his care and we had concerns for their safety.

“It was a moral dilemma. We felt we had to tell police so we did in January last year.”

She said it was very difficult for her daughter to have to give evidence about what she had been through.

“The fact that he put us all through a trial makes me incredibly angry. My daughter had to go through the trauma of giving evidence. The court service, PSNI, victim support were all tremendous, but it was very difficult for her. It was also very difficult for us to have to watch her go through this.

“She was very brave. I was incredibly proud of her. She has been brave throughout all of this.

“Over the past few years we developed coping strategies. My daughter is not going to let this define her, she is a strong and mature young woman who is focused on looking forward.

“She is determined not to let what happened hold her back. I am so very proud of her outlook and her ability to move forward.”

At Antrim Crown Court yesterday Moore was sentenced to five years in jail. He was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register and was disqualified from working with children.