May 2012

satanic child porn shame of charity man

A PORN-MAD Driffield charity worker has admitted downloading more than 110 sick images of children from the internet – after a police swoop that caught his dad too.

Charity worker Christopher Jones, 24, downloaded a torrent of images, with one of the worst showing children involved in ritual or satanic abuse.

Detectives seized his computer after a separate inquiry into his father Adrian Jones, 55.

They shared the computer but had separate logins.

Christopher Jones, who works for the Sue Ryder Foundation, initially denied an interest in child porn and elected a trial at Hull Crown Court. Meanwhile his father pleaded guilty.

Jones Jnr stood red-faced in the dock of Hull Crown Court on Tuesday as he admitted six charges of making indecent images of children which he had initially denied.

He pleaded guilty to downloading child porn on five separate days between October 2009 and September 2010.

Christopher Jones, of Northfield Crescent, Driffield, left the talking to his barrister Paul Genney, who told the court: “He has pleaded guilty on the basis this was reckless downloading, knowing the material was availableby this manner in a search for porn.”

Crown barrister Mark Kendall said the Crown did not accept the basis but said it was not an issue that would be in the public interest for a trial.

Judge Michael Mettyear ordered Jones to stand as he told him: “I won’t be looking at a prison sentence but a community order.”

He ordered that Christopher Jones should return to court for sentence on June 22.

Adrian Jones was given a two-year supervision order for five offences of making indecent pictures by Bridlington Magistrates’ Court on December 7 last year. He was also ordered to pay £85 court costs.

Both father and son now sign on the National Sex Offenders’ Register.