May 2012

London transport pervert who groped schoolgirls and commuters in month-long spree

A father of three who went on a ‘spree’ of groping women on the Tube has been jailed for 28 months

Lee Read, 23, sat down next to the unsuspecting women as they were commuting to work on the Central Line.

The electrical engineer would place his coat over their lap, before touching their thighs, Blackfriars Crown Court heard.

Read attacked four women on the Tube and also molested an eleven year-old girl in her school uniform on a 379 bus.

Prosecutor Mark James-Dawson told the court: “All of these sexual assaults have the same characteristics in a month long spree.

“All of the women said that he would sit next to them, put his coat over his lap and with his hands under it starts to touch them.

“All the woman were willing him to stop before moving away from him.”

The most serious attack happened on central line, on an investment banker in her early 20s heading to work on the train between Walthamstow and Liverpool Street station on October 29.

“The most serious case, all the characteristics of the case are present in the same way as before.

“As she starts to move away, the train pulls into Liverpool Street station, and she gets up to move away, he forcibly grabs her underneath her skirt, between her legs.

“As she got off the train he follows her off the platform, and she said, ‘Get away from me.’

“He followed her towards the barriers, where she tapped her Oyster and left into the main station.”

Read was arrested after the assault on the schoolgirl on the bus who told police the assault was “disgusting” and “perverted.”

He was eventually arrested for the Tube attacks on December 14 last year after a British Transport police officer recognised him from CCTV images.

On each occasion he had got on the Underground at Walthamstow.

Read was arrested the day before his sentencing at Snaresbrook Crown Court for robbery, and was is currently serving a 32 month sentence.

Read, had previously been convicted for exposure in July 2010.

Read, of no fixed address, admitted five counts of sexual assault. He was also banned from working with, or being close to children that are not his own.