October 2000

Pensioner pervert has jail term cut

A PENSIONER who sexually abused and raped three little girls over 11 years has had his sentence cut at the Appeal Court. Albert Donaldson, 69, of Old Hall Lane, Whitefield, Manchester, had his 12-year term cut to nine to take into account his age and guilty plea.

March 2000

12 years for beast who threatened to kill his child victims

A VICTIM of a pensioner jailed for 12 years for three rapes has spoken of the “life sentence” she faces because of his abuse.

Albert Edward Donaldson, 68, Old Hall Lane, Whitefield, Manchester pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court to rape, indecent assault and gross indecency on three under age girls.

One of his victims from Bolton was raped by Donaldson when she was eight.

The abuse began when she was just three.

Now aged 25 she has decided to speak out in the hope that other youngsters suffering from abuse will come forward.

And speaking of his other victims she said: “If these girls – they may be women now – know that he has been put away, it may give them the strength to put it behind them, and carry on with the rest of their lives.”

She added: “I know he got 12 years, and that’s a harsh sentence. But it just doesn’t seem enough. We’ve all been given life sentences. I want him to suffer as well.”

“I’m feeling strong today, but I have some days when I feel really low. Night times are the worse. That’s when I get flashbacks and I can’t get his face out of my mind.”

She’s been taking anti-depressants and is hoping to talk to a counsellor.


The abuse she says went on for nearly 10 years and only stopped when she reached puberty at 13.

She said: “It just stopped. I was obviously turning into a woman, and was no longer of any use.

“I didn’t really know what he was doing to me. I was too young to have any concept of what was happening. I knew I didn’t like it, but I thought everyone did it.”

She said she was eight-years-old when Donaldson raped her.

“I knew that the abuse had gone a step further. But he threatened to kill me if I ever told anyone. I was terrified of him.”

She says that for many years she couldn’t tell anyone about her secret because she was too terrified that she would not be believed.

“I really wish I’d have come forward sooner. If I had, I would perhaps have saved one of the other girls from this nightmare.

“That’s another thing that keeps me awake at night. The guilt is really difficult to deal with.”

When he was confronted with the three girls’ allegations last year, Donaldson eventually pleaded guilty to the most serious counts against him.

This spared the girls the experience of having to give evidence in court. But two of them were in court to see him sentenced.

“I wanted him to look at me, and stare him out. I wanted to gloat over his sentence.

“But he stared us out. It didn’t seem to bother him in the slightest.

“When his barrister said he was full of remorse, I wanted to scream. He doesn’t feel a scrap of remorse. I don’t think he thinks he’s done anything wrong.”

She said as he was taken from the dock, Donaldson, formerly of Old Hall Lane, Whiefield, smiled and winked at her.

“That made me so angry. I want him to suffer, like we’ve suffered.”

A spokesman for the child protection unit in Salford said: “Three girls came forward years later, and this result shows that positive action does come out of these allegations.

“The sentence took into account the trust these girls had in him, which he then abused.”