August 2011

Pervert had 141 videos showing child abuse

A MAN was caught with videos showing hours of images of serious child abuse, a court heard.

Police caught William Aldred with 141 discs of child porn and, when quizzed, he admitted getting them from another man.

Liverpool Crown Court was told that when the home of that man, Andrew Hart, aged 50, was raided, he was found to have sophisticated equipment for copying material downloaded from the internet on to DVDs.

Last August, when Hart was due to attend a police station to be charged, he hanged himself, said Harry Pepper, prosecuting.

Aldred, aged 63, had been caught with the images after he had lent some of the discs to another man, who believed they showed adult porn.

When he discovered that two involved child abuse, he called the police.

Mr Pepper said the discs found at Aldred’s home in Rutland Road, Tyldesley, mainly involved images in the two most serious categories and the footage lasted about 133 hours.

Aldred pleaded guilty to 17 offences of possessing indecent videos of children.

A judge imposed a three-year community order after hearing that Aldred has learning difficulties.

Although Aldred realised he was in a serious situation, he did not appreciate why such behaviour was a problem.

Judge William George also ordered him to attend the successful Northumbria Sex Offenders programme and warned that if he breached the order he would be sent to jail.