October 2011

Burnley man (51) jailed again after police find porn stash

A PERVERT is starting another jail term after being found with a second stash of sickening Internet porn.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Bernard Scott (51), of Thursfield Road, was sent to prison for a year in 2003, for 15 offences of possessing, making and distributing indecent photos of children.

He was put on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years and police made checks on him after his release.

When they went to his home in August last year and his computers were examined, officers discovered eight pseudo images of children in a file.

Scott also had 1,500 genuine and graphic extreme porn photos, showing the abuse of women.

He claimed he thought the women must be willing participants and was said to have no victim empathy.

The hearing was told the defendant has been married for 27 years, his wife, who he works for, stands by him and the couple had a “loving and satisfactory” relationship.

Scott admitted seven counts of possessing extreme pornography and three of possessing indecent pseudo images of children. He was sent to jail for 20 months, put on the sex offences register for 10 years and was given a sexual offences prevention order, with several prohibitions, including a ban on owning or using a computer or having access to the internet, except for legitimate employment, and from having a mobilephone with internet access.

Mr Jonathan Lally (prosecuting) said police were allowed into the defendant’s home and two computers were checked. They had been used to access porn websites and erotic literature and both were seized and examined.

Scott was arrested and interviewed and made no comment. He gave a prepared statement, indicating he knew there were pseudo child images on his computer, said they were drawings and as far as he was concerned were not illegal.

Miss Sara Dodd (defending) told the hearing the defendant had been remarkably candid with the probation service.

He had had difficulty in acknowledging the images were unlawful and had a rather naive perception that because the adult women were not objecting and not being forced to perform in such a manner, they must be willing.

Miss Dodd said she had enlightened the defendant about cases of trafficking, slavery and the like. She added: “I think it’s fair to say a light has finally gone on in the mind of Mr Scott.

“He now concedes it may be the case that in some instances women are not as willing as would appear.”

The barrister said Scott knew he would be going to custody and was dreading it. The defendant, said to have suicidal tendencies, would describe his wife as his rock and would say it would have happened by now had it not been for her.

Sentencing, Judge Beverly Lunt said she was making the order, preventing Scott from downloading extreme porn, to protect women. She told him: “Women are hurt, injured and damaged as a result of such pictures being taken.”