August 2007

So what would you call perverted, m’lud?

A LABOUR councillor who swapped child sex images with internet paedophiles beat a jail sentence yesterday — after a judge decided he was NOT a pervert.

Gregory Vincent, who worked as former sports minister Tony Banks’ agent at the last election, spent hours trawling for pictures of young girls being abused.

One showed a naked ten-year-old being assaulted as she wore a dog collar and had her hands tied behind her back and fixed to a beam.

Vincent, 32, built up a library of internet video clips over six months.

The victims were as young as eight.

But Judge Christopher Hardy decided to go easy on the dad-of-one after hearing he committed his crimes because he was depressed and bored.

The judge told him: “This was very unpleasant material but by no means the worst kind the courts see from time to time.

“The possession of this material is the result, as you put it, of depression and boredom rather than perversion.”

Vincent, 32 — who was also a school governor — was given a two-year community rehabilitation order.

Southwark Crown Court in London heard he had lost his £24,000-a-year job as adminstrator at the University of London.

He had also resigned as a councillor and is no longer a school governor.

The court heard he trawled the internet from his office at the university — using the log-on Heebee Jeebee in a bid to disguise his past-time.

But he was rumbled by a specialist team of Scotland Yard officers who used sophisticated software to track down paedophiles.

When he realised police were on to him, Vincent deleted all his files to cover his tracks but officers were still able to retrieve them.

Paul Wakerley, prosecuting, said university graduate Vincent had downloaded child porn and shared the material with paedophiles using the same online network.

Vincent, of Leyton, East London, had earlier pleaded guilty to six counts of making and distributing indecent images of a child.

The court heard that his partner Regina Williams — also a Labour councillor — had stood by him.