April 2013

Child abuser Gary Roberts jailed for 10 years


A judge has praised the bravery of two girls who helped bring their abuser to justice.

Jailing former milkman Gary Roberts for 10 years, Judge Philip Statman said he believed the two victims were truthful when they gave evidence.

“They were extremely brave and they were steadfast,” he said. “Neither of the children should ever feel they have done anything which has led to the commission of these offences.

“They are utterly blameless and good children.”

Roberts, of Trafalgar Street, Gillingham, was found guilty last month of one charge of sexual activity with a child and one of sexual assault.

A jury at Maidstone Crown Court failed to reach verdicts on three other charges of sexual activity with a child and they were left on file together with another allegation of indecent assault.

Roberts, 58, denied all the charges and continues to maintain his innocence.

Prosecutor Alexia Zimbler said one of the girls declared she was too scared to tell anybody what happened to her.

Pamela Brain, defending, said Roberts had been of good character and had always worked, but lost his job before the trial.

Judge Statman told Roberts:”You were the adult wholly in control of the situation. You manipulated the situation you were in to your own advantage.

“Each girl bravely gave evidence against you and, as the jury found, truthfully. They relived the ordeal you had put them through.”

One of the girls had been able to move on but the other would need counselling.

“I see in you very little insight as to that which you have done,” said the judge. In my judgement, there is no sigh of remorse. I am mindful of that which you have done to those young children.

“You have torn asunder their trust and inflicted great pain on the family.”

A sexual offences prevention order was imposed and Roberts’ name will appear on the sex offenders’ register, both indefinitely.

Speaking after the case, investigating officer, Detective Constable Ally Smith, said: “I would like to commend the victims in this case for their bravery in coming forward, their composure in reliving their horrendous ordeals and their behaviour in court.

“Cases like this are harrowing to deal with and I am pleased justice has been served.”

March 2013

Gillingham milkman Gary Roberts convicted of molesting two girls

A milkman from Gillingham is facing a lengthy jail term after being found guilty of molesting two girls.

Gary Roberts, 58, of Trafalgar Street, was convicted of one offence of sexual activity with a child and one of assault by penetration.

The offences took place between December 2010 and March last year.

However, the jury failed to reach verdicts on three further charges of sexual activity with a child and were discharged from further deliberations by the trial judge.

After consulting with the Crown Prosecution Service and the police officer in the case, prosecutor Alexia Zimbler said they would not be seeking a retrial.

She asked the three offences be left on file, together with another allegation of indecent assault dating back to the 1990s.

During the trial, the court heard one of the girls told police she wet herself when Roberts touched her “below”.

Roberts denied all the allegations when he was arrested. Miss Zimbler told the court: “He said all the allegations had been made up and he could not give a reason as to why.”

Remanding him in custody until he is sentenced on April 2, Judge Philip Statman said he would have to consider dangerousness.

“It is a very serious matter and he only has one possible sentence at the end of the day.”