March 2013

Teenager raped 12-year-old girl in public park in Aberdeenshire

A man has admitted raping a 12-year-old girl in a public park.

Lenny Young had sex with the schoolgirl in a park in Ellon, Aberdeenshire, after making friends with her and a group of her schoolfriends.

The High Court in Dundee heard that the girl was drunk “for the first time” when Young, then aged 18, pounced.

The farm worker led her to a pavilion beside some tennis courts in the park before having sex with her.

Young, now 20, of Home Farm Arnage, Ellon, pleaded guilty on Friday to the rape of a young child under the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act, which defines sex with a girl under the age of 13 as rape.

Advocate depute Gillian Wade told the court: “The incident took place during the 2011 school summer holidays.

“The witnesses are schoolfriends aged between 12 and 16.

“The group were introduced to the accused and became friendly with him and would meet him in the park.

“On occasions they managed to acquire alcohol.

“The girl states she had sexual intercourse with the accused while they were in a relationship.

“She said it was the first time she was drunk.

“They walked to the pavilion beside [the] tennis courts and he began to kiss her.

“She states she had mixed feelings and didn’t want to have sex with him but went along with it.

“She says she never agreed or disagreed but just went along with it.

“The matter came to light through others she had told about it.”

Defence QC Mark Stewart said: “The group was of mixed age and there was no delineation of ages.

“He became friendly with the complainer and there was a relationship between them – an advanced form of friendship.

“They moved to this private area and there was a development in the intimacy.

“He was aware she was under 16 but was not aware she was under the age of 13.

“He accepts he shouldn’t have got involved.”

Judge Lady Clark of Calton deferred sentence until April 5 at the High Court in Edinburgh, and released Young on bail meantime.

She said: “I have to obtain a report ahead of sentencing.

“In view of the conviction the accused will be subject to the requirements of the sex offenders register.”