March 2013

Girls, 14 and 15, lured from care to be prostitutes


A man who lured two Nigerian girls from foster care in Sussex to sell them back into prostitution was part of a major gang which uses Heathrow airport as its transit point to smuggle children into Europe.

Security guard Odosa Usiobaifo, 36, from Enfield, was sentenced to 14 years after being found guilty at Isleworth crown court of conspiring to traffick for the purposes of sexual exploitation. The jury heard how the girl aged 14 and 15 had false passports showing they were adults when stopped by Border Force officers at Heathrow. They were placed in local authority care but were later reported missing to Sussex police by their foster carers. Usiobaifo had made contact with them and collected them from a pre-arranged point before they were given false passports and tickets.

One girl was refused entry to Spain and returned to the UK and remains in the care. The other passed through and her fate is unknown. Senior investigating officer Jonathan Bush, from the UK Border Agency, said:  “This was a horrific case involving young girls plucked from care with the sole aim of prostitution.”