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October 2004

Pervert could be on YOUR street

Pervert could be on YOUR street

This is the disturbing picture that shows evil monster Gordon Ponder clutching a teenage girl he was grooming for sex.

Ponder walked free after admitting inciting a 15-year-old girl to engage in sexual activity.

Wolverhampton Crown Court heard how Ponder, 69, was known as The Phantom and had a 30-year history of sex offences.

On Thursday he was given a three-year community rehabilitation order and a five-year sex offender’s protection order. Today, the father of the schoolgirl in Ponder’s evil grip spoke of his fury.

“It’s absolutely disgusting that we were not told who he was because I believe we all had a right to know,” said the man, who lived near Ponder in Walsall.

“I got on really well with him and thought that he was a normal, nice man so it was a shock when we found out.

“We used to look after each other’s houses when the other was away and my daughter even used to go round there.

“There were occasions when I was not at home and he would keep an eye on my daughter.”

The father became concerned when he discovered letters from Ponder suggesting in a roundabout way what he wanted to do with his daughter.

“It’s not the fact that he has got away with it that worries me. It’s the fact that we don’t know where he is – he could be anywhere,” said the dad. “I should be told.”

Coun Carol Rose (Birchills Leamore) said: “He should have been sent to prison and left to rot in his cell rather than let out into the community.

“Some people are sent to prison for the most ridiculous and trivial matters while this man, who has destroyed lives, escapes jail.”

Ponder was released from custody in 1998 after serving half of a six-year term for indecent assault on children.

Ponder, whose “handle” was The Phantom when he used his CB radio to contact at least one young victim, is understood to have moved away from his home in Jessel Road, Walsall.

April 1998

Family ‘terrified’ at pervert’s release

A Midland family said yesterday it was living in fear after learning that a pervert who preyed on their daughter could be released from prison back into their area. 

Gordon Ponder, now aged 63, will be freed at the end of the month after serving half of a six-year sentence for indecently assaulting four schoolgirls in Wolverhampton. 

He befriended his victims’ families through CB radio and used the call sign The Phantom. 

Ponder, formerly of Park Village, Wolverhampton, was jailed at Wolverhampton Crown Court in March, 1995, after admitting four charges of assaulting young girls and was also convicted of an indecent assault on an 11-year-old girl, which he had denied. 

The court was told the father of four children threatened to suffocate one girl as he attacked her and had been a persistent offender over a 20-year period. Passing sentence, Judge Desmond Perrett QC told Ponder he had a duty to protect women from his advances. 

Yesterday the father of one of the victims, who is now aged 11, said she is “terrified” that Ponder is about to be released and could be living near the family in Walsall. 

The father, who has two other children, said his daughter broke down in tears after learning of her attacker’s impending release. He said: “She has been visiting a psychiatrist since the attack and she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.” 

Probation officers met West Midlands Police and council officials yesterday to discuss living arrangements for Ponder following his release. 

Ms Sue Lane, assistant chief probation officer for Walsall and Wolverhampton, said: “We are going to place him in accommodation where he will be monitored on a daily basis.”