March 2013

Martial arts teacher told terrifying tales to groom girl for sex abuse


Danger to children: Steve Oxborrow in one of his promotional pictures for his martial arts training

A MARTIAL arts teacher who sexually abused a child in the New Forest has been handed an unlimited hospital order.

Judge Gary Burrell said Steve Oxborrow was “dangerous, particularly to children”

after a court heard how he groomed his child victim by spinning tales of a bizarre and terrifying world.

Charlie Gabb, prosecuting, told jurors: “Whether he believed it or not, he was telling this young girl there were black shadows and red scorpions and they would get you and that he would protect her.

“And he would give her lurid details about black shadows. He gave them numbers, he gave them names, and they had girlfriends.

“He told her and she believed him and you can see if you do that to someone, you have power and control.

“He was abusing his position of trust, manipulating this young girl, vulnerable as she was, and filling her with ideas and using her effectively as a sexual outlet.

“He had convinced her that he loved her.

Eventually, Mr Gabb said Oxborrow then began French kissing the girl, encouraging her to commit indecent acts before having full sexual intercourse in New Milton.

He also texted obscene pictures of himself to the girl.

The abuse, which took place over an eight month period, came to light when her parents discovered she was in touch with Oxborrow on her mobile. He was then arrested and interviewed and admitted sexual relations although denied raping her. Photographs of his victim were found on his computer.

Judge Burrell accepted Oxborrow, 24, of Wilverley Road, New Milton, was mentally ill, suffering a psychotic illness, and unable to enter a plea.

But he had instructed a jury to establish whether the defendant had committed the acts, rather than finding him guilty.

The jury found that he had committed a string of sexual abuse charges, including sexual assault, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and possession of indecent photographs.

Judge Burrell handed down an unlimited hospital order, under the provisions of the Mental Health Act 1983.

It means he will stay at the hospital until a successful application is made to a mental health tribunal.