March 2013

Perverted GP’s ‘unbelievable’ stash of films

Davinderjit bains

For three years Dr Davinderjit Bains secretly filmed examinations of his female patients.

He pleaded guilty to 39 charges including sexual assault, voyeurism and sexual offences against children. He asked for another 65 offences to be taken into account.

Most of the offences occurred while he was at work, in his consulting room at the Tinkers Lane Surgery in Royal Wootton Bassett. On his wrist he wore a watch. It looked like a normal watch, but where a number ‘6’ digit should have been was a tiny video camera lens.

He used this watch to video 361 different examinations. Police believe around 200 different women were filmed.

He was caught after a lodger at his Swindon home became suspicious. The 19-year-old student moved a watch on a bathroom shelf when she was in the shower. Dr Bains shouted at her, telling her to never move that watch again. She became worried and called the police.

When a team of Wiltshire Police officers, led by DI Mark Garrett, arrested Dr Bains at his surgery, they seized a second watch which he was wearing at that time.

He was then faced with the difficult task of matching videos with patients. Wiltshire Police set up a hotline and encouraged women to come forward. Soon, they had enough evidence to prosecute.

Dr Davinderjit Bains pleaded guilty to 13 counts of voyeurism, two counts of sexual assaulting a child and 13 counts of assault by penetration. The doctor also admitted 11 counts of sexual assault. His offending took place between 2010 and 2012.

Dr Davinderjit Bains worked at Tinkers Lane Surgery in Royal Wootton Bassett

Dr Davinderjit Bains worked at Tinkers Lane Surgery in Royal Wootton Bassett