March 2013

Teenage babysitter’s sex attack on five-year-old girl

A FIVE-YEAR-OLD girl has been sexually abused by the babysitter trusted to look after her.

The sick 17-year-old Wearsider had originally denied touching the child while she was in his care, yet still walked free from court !

But he changed his mind and admitted the shocking offence on the morning of the trial at Sunderland Youth Court.

The teenager, described as being from a “respectable” family, returned to court to be sentenced.

Neither him or his victim can be named for legal reasons.

Prosecutor John McGlone said the little girl told her father the babysitter had hurt her, and refused to sleep in her bed.

She repeated the allegation the next day to her mother, who called police.

Defending the teenage abuser, Lee Fish said he had not been allowed home since the offence was reported in June, due to his conditions of bail, and that his family now wanted to sell their home and move out of the area.

Mr Fish added: “He is from a stable, respectable home, where boundaries are maintained and respected.

“The affect on the family has been devastating, the affect on his parents has been devastating.

“The affect on him has been horrific.”

District Judge Roger Elsey imposed JUST a two-year restraining order, banning the teenager from going near the victim, her parents or their home.

The 17-year-old was told he must register as a sex offender, and given a 12-month referral order.

The referral order is a unique sentence directly involving the community, through volunteer youth offender panel members, which aims to hold the young offender to account for their actions.

The young criminal agrees a contract with the panel which can include programme of interventions and activities to address their behaviour.

If they do not comply, the panel can refer the case back to the court which has the power to re-sentence.