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Febuary 2007

I’m a monster, says man who abused girl of three


A self confessed “monster” has been jailed for eight years for a catalogue of sex offences upon a three-year-old girl.

Jonathan Mark Bradbury repeatedly subjected the youngster to sickening assaults, many of which he filmed.

The victim’s angry mother said yesterday that “hanging” was not good enough for him.

She spoke out after watching the 36-year-old paedophile, from Hinckley, being sentenced at Leicester Crown Court.

He was also banned from working with children or being in the company of anyone under 16 without supervision.

As well as filming himself abusing the child, he also downloaded more than 1,000 images and moving pictures of other children being attacked.

The victim’s mother said she was “numb with shock” when her daughter told her.

She said: “I am pleased he has received a lengthy jail sentence – but no sentence can truly reflect what he has done. Hanging him isn’t good enough.

“He stole my daughter’s childhood and has probably destroyed her future as well. She’s having counselling and I hope that will give her the help she needs.

“I want him naming and shaming. People need to know if there are scumbags like him in their midst.

“He is the lowest of the low and I have nothing but contempt for him.

“Listening to the depraved things he did to my child in court left me numb. I don’t think it’s even sunk in yet. It’s too dreadful.” Her friend added tearfully: “I feel broken-hearted for that little girl. She’s never going to be able to trust another man again.” Bradbury admitted three charges of indecent assault, three of indecency with a child and four of committing a sex act with a child.

He pleaded guilty to inciting a child to engage in serious sexual activity when the victim was aged between three and five years old.

His perverted activity included simulating sex with the youngster.

He also admitted four counts of taking indecent photos or films of the victim and seven offences of downloading indecent pictures on to his computer and mobile phone. He asked for 28 other offences involving indecent pictures considered.

The offences happened on various dates between 2001 and 2006.

Clive Stockwell, prosecuting, said that divorced Bradbury had rewarded the girl’s compliance with biscuits after he abused her.

He said: “Sometimes he would video what they did, with a camera already set up. When she protested, he told her ‘it’s got to be done.'” When arrested, he admitted being “stupid and weak”. He said he had been single for a long time and compared himself to “a monster, driven to pushing the boundaries”.

Police recovered 2,381 indecent images and movies, between level one and more serious level four. About 800 of those were taken by him of the victim.

Judge Christopher Plunkett said: “Your behaviour is abhorrent to any right-thinking member of this community. One can only begin to imagine the damage you have done to this child, with the suffering she has endured and has yet to go through.” James House, defending, said Bradbury, who had no previous convictions, made a full confession to police and offered the fullest apology to everyone involved.

Bradbury has since become engaged to a woman who is standing by him, said Mr House.