March 2013

Cambridge teen had “paedophile guide” and 60,000 child abuse images


A Cambridge teenager who downloaded a ‘paedophile guide’ and more than 60,000 images of child porn has been jailed for three years.

Kieran Lynch, 18, of Stevenson Court, admitted 12 counts of making and possessing indecent images of children at Cambridge Crown Court on February 7.

Police raided Lynch’s home on July 4 last year and discovered he had possessed and made 64,118 indecent images, 488 images at level five – the most severe – as well as 6,167 at level four, 4,078 at level three, 4,565 at level two and 48,802 at level one.

Lynch had a ‘paedophile guide’ which was a step-by-step guide on how to identify a victim and go on to abuse that child. Lynch had also made and possessed 426 movies.

In police interview, Lynch admitted downloading the images and was charged with five counts of making indecent images, two counts of possessing indecent images, four counts of possessing extreme pornography and one count of possessing a prohibited image.

Lynch was sentenced at Cambridge Crown Court yesterday for each count to run concurrent apart from the four counts of possessing extreme pornography he received 12 months to also run concurrent.

Lynch was also made the subject of a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO) for a minimum of eight years and will be placed on the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely.

Sara Walker, prosecuting, said: “He told police that he started downloading music from the site Limewire and came across some pornographic images by accident. Then he became curious and it was a habit that he was unable to kick.”

Melanie Benn, mitigating, explained that Lynch had started collecting images when he was 13 or 14.

She said: “There is a hormonal state that most young men go through at that age. Instead of asking an older boy to go to a newsagents and buy them a magazine they are now surrounded by images.”

Judge Jonathan Haworth explained he was unable to excuse Lynch’s age in respect of the sheer volume and nature of images he had in his possession.

He said: “It is essential that this court makes it clear that there is a public repugnance for such offences.

“It is only because people like you do that children are corrupted and degraded in this way.”

Febuary 2013

Teenager had paedophile guide and thousands of child sex images

A teenager has admitted having more than 50,000 child abuse images on his computer – as well as owning a guide on how to be a paedophile.

Kieran Lynch, who lives in Cambridge, had thousands of pictures and movies of the most depraved categories of child abuse images on his computer and hard-drive.

The 18-year-old also had extreme pornographic images of people having sex with cats and dogs.

He pleaded guilty to 12 charges in what is believed to be one of the worst cases of this type brought to Cambridge Crown Court.

Judge Jonathan Haworth called for psychiatric reports to be made into Lynch after he was disturbed by a document on his computer that acted as a manual for would-be paedophiles.

He said: “I need first of all an expert opinion on the risk for the future and secondly on the likelihood of the effects of treatment.

“It seems to me particularly worrying this document, which takes it to another level because it’s a document relating to the grooming of actual children, not just looking at images.”

Lynch, of Abbey, admitted five counts of making indecent photographs of a child, two of possessing indecent photographs of a child, four of possession of extreme pornography and one count of possession of prohibited image of a child.

The child abuse images include 7,000 at level 4 or 5, which are the most serious categories and includes abuse such as penetration and sadism.

Officers were led to Lynch’s home on July 4 last year following police intelligence.

He is due to be sentenced during the week beginning March 18.