March 2013

Five years jail for sex attacks 30 years ago

Clive Frampton

A CHELSEA pensioner has been jailed after sexual abuse he committed against a child in Hampshire three decades ago finally caught up with him.

Clive Frampton, 75, was jailed for five years.

Jurors took less than one hour to find Frampton guilty on six counts of child abuse carried out while living in Calshot.

For years his victim lived with the horror of her abuse, which left her struggling to maintain relationships and battling an alcohol problem she developed while trying to blot out the pain.

It was only while obtaining counselling she contacted Hampshire police who finally brought Frampton, a retired Army marine engineer, to justice more than 30 years after he indulged in his depraved acts.

Frampton is a former archivist at the Military Powerboat Trust based on the Waterside.

Sentencing him, Judge Gary Burrell said: “She may never fully recover from what you did. You should be thoroughly ashamed of your life.

“She will carry those unpleasant memories to the grave as many do who have been abused in their younger years.

“In my judgement you have no remorse and you are unlikely to ever develop any.”

Speaking after the conviction, Det Con Craig Fielding said: “I’d like to thank the victim whose courage in coming forward has helped to convict Clive Frampton.

“She contacted the police through a counselling service which was an important first step in bringing him to justice.

“This is abuse that she has lived with throughout her adult life and, as a result of our investigation into what happened 30 years ago, her attacker is now behind bars.

“If anyone else has suffered similar abuse, I would urge them to tell someone, either directly to the police or to other services that support victims of sexual offences and abuse.”