September 1996

Child rapist, 85 years old jailed for 8 years

A pervert aged EIGHTY-FIVE was jailed for eight years yesterday for raping two young sisters. 

Twisted Samuel Dickson is now the oldest convict in Scotland. 

He is almost blind and deaf, and clutched a white stick in the dock as he was sentenced. 

Police had to help him down stairs to the cells, and friends say he expects to die in prison. 

Dickson abused the girls for years nearly three decades ago. One was only five when it started. 

In an exclusive interview last night one of the sisters, now a 35-year-old mum of two, told the Record: “My sister and I are ecstatic that he’s in prison. We really hope he dies there.” 

Dickson was caught after he asked one of the sisters to his diamond wedding party last year. 

The invitation brought back memories of the abuse, and she broke down and told her husband about her ordeal. 

Dad-of-six Dickson began abusing his first victim when she was nine, at his former home in Springburn, Glasgow. It went on until she was 12. 

The second girl was preyed on between the ages of five and 12. 

At the High Court in Glasgow, World War Two veteran Dickson, of Calderwood, East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, admitted two charges involving abuse of the sisters. 

Not guilty pleas to abuse charges involving other girls were accepted by the Crown. 

Judge Lord Allanbridge told him it was hard to decide his punishment because of his age, but added: “The gravity of the offences demands a substantial prison sentence.” 

Earlier John Morris QC, defending, said: “Prison will be very uncomfortable for him. 

“His wife is house bound, and he says he probably will not see her again.” 

Later, a family friend claimed: “He said a last goodbye to his wife before going to court today.” 

But his victim had no sympathy. She said: “Dickson may be old now, but he put us through hell. He doesn’t deserve to live -he’s a monster. 

“My sister and I have lived with this nightmare for years. 

“It was only a year ago that I discovered she had also been abused. It was horrendous, and we cried together.” 

She added: “I want to say to every Daily Record reader – if you were abused as a child, for God’s sake come forward.” 

A Scottish Prison Service spokeswoman said Dickson will be assessed to see if he needs special treatment in jail. 

She added: “If he is fit and able there is no reason why he should not be treated like any other prisoner. 

“But if his health could be affected he may receive a more lenient job, like working in a kitchen instead of scrubbing corridor floors.” 

There are 12 cons older than 70 in Scots jails, including one 82-year- old. Most are serving short sentences for booze-linked offences.