September 2010

62-year-old man pleads guilty to raping girl 20 years ago


A MAN has been jailed after carrying out a campaign of rape against a young girl 20 years ago.

David John Edmunds, 62, admitted 10 counts of rape and two of indecency with a child over a five-year period from 1986 to 1991.

The woman, now aged 35, was in Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court to see her attacker sent down for his crimes against her from the ages of 11 to 15.

The woman only came forward earlier this year when she heard rumours the man was carrying out acts of indecency with other children

Ieuan Bennett, prosecuting, said there was no evidence of such criminal behaviour. Within hours of her making that complaint, however, homeless Edmunds, formerly of Aberdare, was arrested and admitted every charge.

Mr Bennett told the court how Edmunds had managed to exercise control over the youngster, so frightened by his threats that she kept quiet over the years and even began to blame herself for what was happening.

“She began to dream about him being dead and her killing him,” said Mr Bennett. “The defendant told the officers he did not want a solicitor in the interview because he was going to admit everything.”

“He admitted repeatedly raping her and knew what he was doing was wrong.”

Judge John Curran told Edmunds: “You robbed this woman of her childhood. She was entirely innocent and blameless throughout. She felt a sense of shame over what was done to her and that is a very common feeling in cases like these.

“She courageously came forward and had praiseworthy concern about the safety of other children.”

Edmunds was jailed for 10 years and will be eligible to apply for parole after serving one-third of his sentence.

He will be automatically released after serving two-thirds of it.

Edmunds was ordered to sign as a sex offender for life, disqualified from working with children and made the subject of a sexual offences prevention order limiting contact with girls under the age of 18.