March 2001

Cyberstalker who put girl on web and invited perverts to rape her is jailed for 7 years

A PERVERT put an innocent girl of 17 on obscene websites inviting other deviants to rape and abuse her.

Donald Ridley’s “repulsive” plot led to his terrified young neighbour receiving up to 30 depraved emails a day over six months.

Ridley was jailed for six years for 25 net offences and 18 months for possessing and distributing child porn. He pleaded guilty.

Some weirdos turned up on her doorstep expecting “unbelievably foul sexual services”. One sent her a sperm sample. Eventually, she was forced to flee home.

Yesterday sadistic Ridley, who revelled in the girl’s torment, was starting a seven-and-a- half year sentence for cyberstalking and possessing child porn.

His victim, who is receiving psychiatric help, revealed she was now too afraid to use her computer or answer her door.

Pleading for her identity to be kept secret, she said: “It’s been an absolute nightmare. I was receiving emails and being sent things in the post.

“The sperm sample came with a note saying it was for me to test. But the most terrifying part was the strangers arriving at my home.

“I didn’t know what was going to happen. I still don’t know why Donald did this.” Twisted Ridley, a 37-year-old housing officer, befriended the girl by showing her how to use the net after she rejected his advances.

Using another person’s computer he hijacked an internet site bearing her name, Bournemouth Crown Court heard.

He then used the site to publish her personal details and photographs, alongside a host of obscene claims.

Ridley published more sickening allegations about the girl on an internet site where she reviewed computer games.

The teenager, who had chronic fatigue syndrome, was soon flooded with filth from sex pests.

As a result, she and her mother were forced to flee their home in Poole, Dorset. They are now living at a secret address.

Loner Ridley had bragged the girl would have “no hope” of tracking him down.

But in December, 1999, police raided his Poole home after finding child porn at the address of a man who named him as the supplier.

They found almost 100 sickening porn pictures of children as young as eight.

They also found messages he had sent his victim and references to websites.

The girl, now 18, was stunned when she found Ridley was her tormentor.

She said outside court: “Donald had introduced me to the internet and we’d pop round to each other’s homes to play computer games.

“He sent me a Valentine card about two years ago. But I had made it clear we were just friends.

“He wasn’t upset. When the emails started arriving, he was sympathetic and said if I ever needed to talk I could go to him.”

Ridley was told by Judge Samuel Wiggs his offences were “repulsive”.

The judge said: “This was a campaign against an innocent young girl who thought you were a friend.

“Knowing she suffered extreme ill health you sadistically got pleasure from her pain, setting up websites offering unbelievably foul sexual services.”

Police said: “Ridley is scary. He demonstrates the depths to which the human mind can sink.”