October 2008

Why was he free to rape again?

Predatory paedophile Graham Morgan was jailed for life on Friday for raping and sexually abusing a four-year-old – just eight years after being jailed for similar crimes.

Following the harrowing trial, reporter SARAH MANNERS heard the heart-breaking story of one of his previous victims.

“WHEN I saw his name in the paper again, I was hysterical. Just hysterical. I couldn’t believe that he had raped another child again. I felt sick.”

Felicity – not her real name – was repeatedly raped and sexually abused by Cardiff paedophile Graham Morgan.

The convicted child abuser from Grangetown assaulted her and her three sisters during a seven-year reign of terror.

So callous was Morgan that when the then 18-year-old Felicity told him he’d made her pregnant, he threatened to push her down the stairs.

Sick Morgan, 63, was jailed for life on Friday for raping and sexually abusing a four-year-old boy.

Now Felicity has spoken out to warn others about the man Judge David Wynn Morgan branded “a dangerous predatory paedophile”.

“The first time I saw him he chased me and my sisters up some stairs with his willy hanging out,” said Felicity, now aged 35.

“He tried to laugh it off, saying he’d been to the toilet and forgotten to do up his flies, but I took an instant dislike to him.

“It was just instinct. I knew he was bad.”

Unbeknown to Felicity, Morgan had been raping her older sister Rosemary – also not her real name – for two years when he first attacked her.

“I was 12. He burnt my leg with a cigarette lighter for a laugh. I’ve still got the scar there now.

“I told my teacher, and social services were called in, but nothing came of it.”

Morgan, confident that social services were off the scene, then dramatically upped the level of abuse, by brutally raping Felicity on her own living room floor.

“I was just 12. I didn’t know about sex or anything,” she says.

“I was screaming and shaking. I just ran to our family friend’s house.

“She gave me a bath and a sanitary towel and called the police.”

But when Felicity, traumatised by the rape, was interviewed by officers in front of leering Morgan, she retracted her statement, too terrified to talk.

“When the police asked me if he’d attacked me, I said ‘No’.

“He was there staring at me and I couldn’t go through with it.

“After that Graham Morgan raped me every time he could.

“Sometimes it was every day.

“I was trapped. Nobody believed me anymore. It was a nightmare.”

Morgan – who raped his latest victim on the little boy’s parents’ bed while babysitting, as well as in his own flat, and then sexually assaulted him in a pub toilet – didn’t even stop when Felicity was 18 and pregnant with his child.

“He said he was going to push me down the stairs,” says Felicity, the tears streaming down her face.

“But I had an abortion anyway. It’s something I canhardly live with.

“I didn’t want to have a monster’s baby – but the baby wouldn’t have been a monster too, would it?”

It would be another 10 years before Felicity and two of her sisters, who Morgan had also been sexually abusing for years, plucked up the courage to go back to the police.

“Something snapped inside me. I’d grown up and made my own life, bottling it all up, living with it for so long.

“But gradually I got to realise that it wasn’t just me he was raping, but my sisters too.

“When Claire Hood was murdered in St Mellons, that terrified me.

“She reminded me so much of my younger sister, who Morgan had been attacking and it made me so scared about what else he was capable of doing.”

But the real turning point came when Felicity became a mother herself.

“I had my baby daughter in my arms and my overwhelming instinct was to love her and protect her,” says Felicity.

“It was then I knew that I had to go to the police about Morgan. There was no way I would let him do to her what he had done to me and my sisters.”

This time Felicity persisted with South Wales Police and found herself being taken seriously.

And in March 2000 she faced Morgan across a court room in Cardiff Crown Court.

“It was such a relief at last that someone believed me,” says Felicity.

“But even then it was a nightmare. Every time there was a break in proceedings, Morgan would be standing outside the witness room, staring at me – he wasn’t on remand then.

“I was terrified. Hysterical. But I had to do it.”

Thanks to Felicity’s bravery, Morgan then aged 55, was convicted of rape and sexual assault at Cardiff Crown Court.

Sentenced to seven years, he served just five.

“As I understand it, Morgan was never put on the sex offenders register – and if that’s the case I want to know why.

“Although how would ordinary people know if he was on the register?

“How would the family of the little boy he raped know he was a paedophile?

“If I had my way all paedophiles should have the word ‘paedo’ tattooed on their foreheads, or on their hands.

“Then at least ordinary people would have the choice of whether they wanted to have anything to do with them or not.”

Shaking with relief on the steps of Cardiff Crown Court after Morgan’s latest conviction, Felicity paid tribute to the tiny victim’s bravery.

“I’m so proud of that little boy and what he did in that court room.

“I feel so sorry for him and his family.

“I just wish I’d had the courage to do the same thing when I was much, much younger.”