August 2004

Landlord jailed for rape

A PUB landlord has been jailed for seven-and-a-half years for raping a 21-year-old woman, who told Stafford Crown Court that since the attack she had lost the will to live.

Paul Bugeja, aged 48, was convicted of one rape and an attempted rape.

He struck as she walked home at 2am past his Explorer pub in Martin Street, Stafford, in February this year (He no longer runs this pub) . A jury took six and a half hours to reach 10-2 majority verdicts. Bugeja, who was jailed for three months in 1988 for gross indecency with a child, formerly of Martin Street and now of no fixed address, pleaded not guilty.

Mr David Jackson, prosecuting, read a statement from the 21-year-old and said: ‘She states that what happened to her has changed her life more than she could imagine. ‘She said she cannot go out and feels she has no control over her life. She said she has lost the will to live.

‘She does not like mixing with people and cannot have a relationship with her family or friends.’

Miss Samantha Forsythe, defending, said Bugeja’s last offence was 16 years ago ‘and there is nothing else to say.’

Judge David McEvoy QC, told Bugeja: ‘You put that woman through terrible indignities.’