February 2000

Child rape man is jailed

A JOBLESS Oldbury labourer who raped a child aged four has been jailed for eight years.

Robert Mountford committed some of the offences in a ladies’ toilet in Lye Park, near Stourbridge, and at premises in the area, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.

Mountford (51), of Clay Lane, had been found guilty at a previous hearing by a jury of four charges of rape and three of indecent assault. He had pleaded not guilty.

Michael Dudley, QC, prosecuting, said the girl was only four when the first offence was committed in 1995. He said the matter came to light when the girl eventually complained to her mother.

The jury had heard evidence from the girl on tape in which she said the offences had occurred “loads of times.”

She said Mountford had warned her she would be in trouble if she told anyone.

At the latest hearing Martin Liddard, defending, said Mountford was now a pathetic figure, had low intelligence, no friends and suffered from angina. He said what family he had were no longer interested in him.

Judge Chapman said Mountford would be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life when he eventually served his sentence.

“What you did was a disgrace and leaves you a marked man.”