January 2003

Student jailed for rape of girl

AN ART student, who raped an 11-year-old girl after drawing nude pictures of her, was yesterday given a 12-year extended custodial sentence.

William Maxwell, 20, is to serve seven years in prison and will be on licence for five years following his release.

He pled guilty to raping the girl from a small Ross-shire village and indecently touching her younger sister after tying her up when she was aged six or seven.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that he gave the youngsters presents following the assaults, including computer games, toys, dresses and a paint set.

Ordering Maxwell to register as a sex offender for life, Lord Hardie told him: “This offence involves the sex abuse of two young sisters when they were aged between ten and 13, and six and seven, respectively.

“One charge involved the rape of the older girl when she was probably 11 and you were probably 17.

“The sexual assault on the younger sister when she was six or seven, which included tying her up, is particularly serious. There is an added sinister element in that you sought to corrupt the girls by giving them presents.”

He added: “I had considered that the only appropriate sentence might be life imprisonment, but I have been persuaded not to follow that course.”

Lord Hardie had heard that the first offender, of Nicol Street, Airdrie, Lanarkshire, had admitted his offences to the police, pled guilty at an early date and taken steps to address his sex problem.

Andrew MacMillan, the advocate-depute, said that Maxwell, an Inverness College art student who worked part-time at a computer shop, had become friendly with the girls’ older brother.

The family had allowed him to paint pictures of the girls when he began his art course. They had no idea that in addition to his decent work, he was also drawing the older sister nude.

He then began to indecently touch her and, on one occasion, raped her.

She asked him to stop the indecent behaviour, which he did.

However, before he ended it, he abused the younger sister on one occasion when he was aged between 17 and 19, tying her hands with a shoelace and indecently touching her.

Both children were given presents following each session of abuse.

The series of attacks came to light when the younger girl told her grandmother of the indecency and the police were alerted.

Maxwell willingly confessed the details of the abuse, saying he was relieved it had come to an end.

He admitted being out of control and asked for help to address his sexual problems.

He pled guilty to committing four offences of indecency and one of rape between September 1998 and April 2002.