May 2007

Systematic rape of teenage girl

A LONG-distance lorry driver has been sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment for the systematic rape of a teenage girl.

David Jehan, aged 57, of Shackleton Place, Oldbrook, who was once locked up for attempted murder, was jailed at Northampton Crown Court for a two-year rape campaign.

Rebecca Crane, prosecuting, said the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had first revealed the rapes in 2004, but later withdrew the allegation.

However, in August last year she contacted police and reported what had happened

The court heard how Jehan would rape her on a regular basis in Northampton.

Passing sentence, Judge Charles Wide QC said: “You pleaded guilty on the express basis your pleas represent a course of conduct over about two years, sometimes weekly, interspersed with periods of no sex.

“The impact on a girl of that age is a matter too well known to be repeated; the effect this can have on the ability to form relationships in future years with confused feelings means these are terribly serious offences.”

Jehan pleaded guilty in April to two specimen rape charges and was jailed for ten years.

He was banned from working with children and will be on the sex offenders’ register for the rest of his life.

The court heard how he was jailed for three years in October 1984 for the attempted murder of a partner who had been having an affair as well as attempted escape.

Jehan had faced a possible life sentence but Judge Wide said two decades had passed since his last offences.

Richard Holloway, defending, said Jehan had shown great remorse for his crimes and was slowly coming to terms with the damage he had caused.

“The biggest mitigation in a case of this kind is a guilty plea,” he added.