May 2009

Eleven years for attempted rape of 8 year old


A WARWICKSHIRE man has been jailed for the attempted rape of an eight year-old girl in 2006.

Hugh Lynn, aged 58, of Hertford Road, Alcester, was handed an eleven-year sentence at Warwick Crown Court for the attack. He was told a further five years would run concurrently for indecent assault.

The judge ruled he must serve a minimum of five and-a-half years.

Speaking after Lynn was sentenced, investigating officer Peter Herring said: “We are satisfied with this result. We would like to think that this positive result will encourage others who have been subjected to abuse to come forward and speak to the police.

“This was a case of the victim’s word against that of the accused. Lynn has now been found guilty at court and is in jail.

“Anyone who commits this kind of offence should understand that just because their victim is a child, it doesn’t mean they will get away with it.

“The victim had to under go the ordeal of giving evidence, despite her young age, but it was her evidence that has enabled this man to be sent to jail.”