March 2013 – Jones is now living in Hull

April 2008

Man jailed for secretly filming stepdaughter


A PERVERT who secretly installed a hidden camera in his step-daughter’s bedroom and filmed her naked has been jailed.

Ian Patrick Jones, of Graingers Road, Hornsea, drilled a hole in the wall of the victims room in the family bungalow and recorded images of her.

The 42-year-old’s actions were only discovered when his wife, found the camera equipment used to take footage of her daughter in the loft of the property.

The victim now 21, and her mother do not know how long the filming had been going on during Jones’ eight-year marriage to the mother.

He pleaded guilty to voyeurism and a string of other offences at Hull Crown Court.

Jones also admitted indecently assaulting his step-daughter as she slept when she was 17 years old.

The girl who has waived her right to anonymity to allow the Mail to name and shame her step-father, said she no longer feels comfortable sleeping in the bedroom.

She said: “He was the closest thing I had to a dad, I trusted him, I looked up to him and all the time he was doing that.

“I still can’t believe he could have done it.

“When I found out what had happened I was in total shock.

“I’ve never slept in that room since. I just don’t feel comfortable in there anymore.”

The girl, who works as a stores accountant in the Royal Navy, said she wants to now put the episode behind her.

She said: “The Navy has been really good, giving me counselling. I’m about to go away again and I just want to put it behind me.”

Her mother 52, who is now going through divorce proceedings, said although she had no reason to suspect Jones, things fell into place after she discovered the tiny camera that was placed behind the wall, filming through a drilled hole.

She had previously seen one of the holes in the wall, which was overlooking Nikki’s bed, but Jones passed it off to her as a DIY error.

She said his actions had “ripped the family apart”.

She said: “The whole thing has devastated us.

“I thought he was the nicest person. He would do anything for anyone. I had no idea what he was really like.

“I feel used and abused. He used me to hide behind so he could get to my daughter. It’s hard to believe I was so gullible.

“I’m disgusted by it. He is an evil man.”

Jones was also sentenced for downloading almost 400 indecent images of children from the Internet, which he copied on to 22 CDs, found in a caravan outside the house.

The court heard he downloaded images of children as young as two years old.

He was also charged with distributing images of children via the Internet.

Sentencing him to 27 months in prison with half of the sentence suspended, Judge Michael Mettyear, the Honorary Recorder of Hull and the East Riding, called him a “depraved” individual.

He said: “I have to sentence you for a total of 11 counts which represent absolutely disgusting and depraved conduct by you.

“These are offences showing vile images of children being exploited by grown-ups.

“The fact there are people out there like you prepared to look at them makes it worthwhile for the exploiters to continue.

“You ought to be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

“She (Nikki) was in a situation where she could expect privacy in her own room.

“Doing that shows the depth of your depravity.

“It is wholly reprehensible conduct.”