March 1997

Beast gets eight years

A sadistic sex beast who tortured a child in front of an open fire was jailed for eight years yesterday.

John Beaton, 66, made the eight-year-old boy stand in front of the fire until his legs blistered.

And last night the victim, now 40, said: “I hope the b****** dies in jail.”

Beaton’s reign of terror started 34 YEARS ago. And he subjected children to torture and sexual degradation over 14 years.

His offences only came to light recently when the victims suspected Beaton was still a threat to kids.

The pervert, of Knightsridge, Livingston, West Lothian, admitted assault to severe injury and two attempted rapes.

The boy burned by the fire had been playing in the snow and went to Beaton’s house complaining he was cold.

Beaton also hit him with a belt and kicked him.

The victim said: “He is a danger to children. I have still got scars on my legs.

“All of us have had to live with the mental scars and it’s only now we are coming to terms with what happened.”

At the High Court in Edinburgh, Edward Targowski, QC, defending, said his client suffered poor health.

But Lord Hamilton slammed Beaton for the “atrocious” crimes.