September 2014: Rae has been set a date of September 2016 for an early release. He will then be subject to licence conditions until his sentence ends in March 2020

November 2013

Paedophile’s jail sentence cut because it was ‘outside sentencing guidelines’

Jamie Rae

A PAEDOPHILE who was jailed for subjecting a vulnerable 12-year-old boy to ‘deplorable’ sexual abuse has had his sentence slashed by almost a third on appeal.

Jamie Rae, aged 37, left his young victim, who had learning difficulties, traumatised after molesting him and trying to perform a sex act on him.

Rae, of Marsden Road, Bolton, was jailed for 10 years at Bolton Crown Court in March after he was found guilty of sexual activity with a child.

But three of the country’s most senior judges at London’s Appeal Court upheld a sentence challenge by Rae, cutting his sentence to seven years, after ruling that his original punishment was too tough.

Lord Justice Pitchford said Rae massaged the boy’s head and feet before climbing into bed with him and molesting him over a quilt.

The victim tried to ‘swerve’ Rae’s attentions by turning away, but the child abuser continued to assault him, the appeal judge added.

Rae’s attack only stopped after he was disturbed by someone in the vicinity. The boy later complained to his mother and police were called.

In interview, Rae said he gave the boy an innocent massage but denied any sexual misconduct.

However, forensic analysis of the boy’s boxer shorts uncovered the abuser’s DNA, Lord Justice Pitchford said.

In a statement, the boy’s mother said the sex attack had “changed his personality” and that he had become introverted, confused and reluctant to talk about his feelings.

Rae’s barrister, Michael Goldwater accepted his crime was “deplorable” but argued that the trial judge took the sentence “completely outside” the normal range.

Lord Justice Pitchford, sitting with Mr Justice Globe and Judge Anthony Morris QC, said: “The judge was entitled to treat the present offence as the most serious of its type but he was bound to apply the sentencing guidelines for the offence of which Rae had been convicted.

“In our judgment, the appropriate sentence after a trial was seven years’ imprisonment and that is the sentence we should substitute for the 10 years imposed by the judge. To that extent the appeal is allowed.”

A sexual offences prevention order imposed on Rae at the Crown Court will remain in place, the appeal judge concluded.

March 2013

Paedophile jailed for assault on boy, 12


A PAEDOPHILE who sexually assaulted a 12- year-old boy has been jailed for 10 years.

Jamie Rae, aged 37, (pictured above) was sentenced at Bolton Crown Court yesterday after fourday trial.

The court heard how the victim had stayed at Rae’s home in Marsden Road, Bolton, with Rae and his boyfriend in April last year.

Rae and his victim slept in separate rooms, but the following morning Rae went into the other room.

He crawled into bed with the boy, and started massaging his head and his feet.

The youngster felt uncomfortable and rolled over and pretended to go to sleep.

Rae started to touch him under his clothes and sexually assaulted him.

It stopped when they heard Rae’s boyfriend waking up in the other room.

The boy was crying throughout the ordeal.

He told his mother and sister when they went to pick him up and it was reported to police.

The jury found Rae guilty of sexual activity with a child.

He has previous cautions for indecency and voyerism.

DC Mike Mather, of Bolton’s child protection unit, said: “All reports are taken very seriously and are thoroughly investigated.

“This sentence sends out the message that this sort of behaviour will be punished by the courts.

“The victim and his family have shown great courage in coming forward.

“It has been very difficult for them to go through a trial, and it has had a massive impact on their lives.

“The victim is still trying to come to terms with what happened. He is not as trusting anymore and it has affected his behaviour