March 1996

7 years for sex beast babysister

Mums and dads screamed abuse at a babysitting sex beast as he was jailed for seven years yesterday. 

Duncan McRoberts was a friend of families near his Carolside Avenue home in Glasgow’s Drumchapel, and looked after their children. 

In an eight-year reign of terror he told his five victims he was God, and warned two sisters their mum would die if they spoke out. 

As he was jailed at the High Court in Edinburgh parents shouted “die you b******” and “rot in hell”. 

Later, one mum said: “Once the girls refused to let him into the house. They said `we don’t want him here’, but I made them apologise to him. It makes me go cold.” 

The abuse started in 1986 when his first victim was only four years old, and went on until just before his arrest last February. The girls, now aged between seven and 13, still have nightmares.

Scott Brady, prosecuting, said McRoberts had forced one girl to perform vile sex acts and showed her porn magazines.

He had sex with another girl as she camped out near her home

Graeme Robertson, defending, said that McRoberts was disgusted with himself.

February 1996

Outburst as sex abuser detained

AS a paedophile was detained pending social inquiry reports at the High Court in Glasgow, yesterday, a furious mother shouted a message from one of the five little girls he abused: “May you rot in hell.”

The girl, now 13, had been sexually assaulted by Duncan McRoberts, 53, over a period of nine years.

The parents of four other victims also shouted abuse at him.

All the families had trusted McRoberts, who was said by Mr Scott Brady prosecuting, to have been a well-known and liked figure in Drumchapel, near Glasgow, for years.

Divorcee McRoberts committed most of the offences while he was baby-sitting. His attacks began in 1986 and continued until just two days before his arrest in February last year.

One victim was only four when he began to sexually assault her. Two were sisters.

Mr Brady said he also performed indecent sex acts with a child as she camped in a tent in a back garden with a friend. McRoberts’s was found out when parents got to know that one victim had spoken of him touching her.

McRoberts, of Birness Drive, Pollokshaws, admitted six charges involving all five children, whose ages now range from seven to 13. He was not sentenced yesterday because there were no social inquiry reports to help the judge.

His defence counsel, Mr Graham Robertson, revealed that social workers couldn’t trace McRoberts because he had fled in fear to a secret address following threats.

Lord McCluskey denied bail and McRoberts was detained pending sentence at the High Court in Edinburgh in three weeks’ time.

Minutes later, the mother who made the outburst telephoned her daughter to give her the news.

She said: “Before I came to court, we sat and talked. She asked me, `Mummy will you also clap your hands for me when he’s led away’. “Like all the other children, my daughter has been getting counselling to try and help them get over the trauma of what this beast did to them.”

A mother another of his victims said: “McRoberts lived in the same street as most of us. “He seemed to go out of his way to be helpful. “Now we know why. He was worming his way into our confidence so he could abuse our children. “We heard that he had fled his home because of threats. We didn’t threaten him. If we had got hold of him we would have murdered him.”

McRoberts was led from court under heavy police guard. As he was taken to a waiting police van, the furious relatives shouted more abuse at him and some fathers even tried to scale a fence to get closer to him.