September 2012

CONVICTED RAPIST FREE TO LIVE AT CARLISLE HOSTEL (Danger to ALL females including children)

A convicted rapist who fantasises about attacking women at night has been set free to live in a hostel in Carlisle.

A judge at the city’s Crown Court said that though he was worried about allowing pervert Alan Hagan to “roam the streets” close to Carlisle College and the university campus, it was the best way of keeping him under control.

If he were sent to prison it could only be for a short time, he said, and after that Hagan – a man with “a propensity to find young women for casual sex” – would be free without any of the monitoring that the authorities can now set up.

Judge Peter Hughes QC said he was worried about sending Hagan to the Bowling Green hostel – which, because of its proximity to the college, could be seen to be “too close to temptation” – but there was no choice because it is the only such hostel in Cumbria and the court had no power to send him away to another county which might have more suitable accommodation.

Hagan, formerly of Raffles, Carlisle, had pleaded guilty to two charges of outraging public decency involving girl students.

The first incident happened in Carlisle on January 22, when he committee “an act of a lewd, obscene or disgusting nature by propositioning two young girls, demanding sexual services for money”.

The second, also in Carlisle city centre, happened three days later, when he “behaved improperly” by propositioning one of the original girls and a second friend.

Hagan, a shaven-haired 40-year-old with a goatee beard, has been committing sex offences for years.

He has convictions when he was younger for flashing at girls and sending sexually explicit letters.

And in 2004 he was jailed for 11 years after he picked an 18-year-old girl off the street at random and raped her at knifepoint.

March 2004


A PERVERT who kept a sex diary 10 years ago finally lived out his fantasies by raping a teenage girl he picked off the street at random.

Seven years after the chilling diaries of Alan Hagan were exposed by police, the 32-year-old monster raped an 18-year-old girl at knifepoint in a Carlisle layby last October.

The first warning signs of his depraved behaviour came in 1996 when he flashed at girls as young as 11. Months later, aged 25, he was arrested for sending sexually explicit letters to a 19-year-old girl, warning her, “I’ll hunt you down and rape you”.

When police raided the house he shared with his parents in Castlerigg Drive, Morton Park, in 1996, they found diaries containing details of women he saw in the street, on the bus and near his home.

Hagan wrote about intended sexual attacks on the women including one which read: “Will return next week. Possible rape.” He roamed Carlisle stalking potential victims until he was jailed eight years ago in a landmark legal case.

Hagan went on trial this week for raping an 18-year-old girl in a layby between Carlisle and Dalston. He originally denied the offence but changed his plea yesterday afternoon after the judge ruled that the jury could be told of his ‘rape diary’.

Judge Paul Batty, QC, concluded it was ‘very strong evidence’ so far as the rape was concerned.

During the trial, the girl described how she accepted a lift home from Hagan while drunk and upset after an argument with her boyfriend. She told the court that she was sitting outside the Griffin pub in Botchergate at about 3am when she noticed a green Rover car drive past a couple of times.

When the driver pulled over and offered her a lift she got in the car.

She said Hagan drove on to the road between the Golden Fleece roundabout, south of Carlisle, and Dalston – not on her route home.

“He kept on driving at about 80mph for about 20 minutes. I started crying. He pulled into a layby in the middle of nowhere,” she said.

Hagan then locked the car doors, pulled his pants down and carried out a sex act. He ordered her to perform a sex act and put a pen-knife to her neck.

She said Hagan then told her to pull her pants down and take her knickers off before shining a torch on her private parts.

She went on: “He got on top of me and raped me. I just lied back. I was crying.”

Details of Hagan’s diaries and his previous convictions were not revealed in court but theNews & Star learned that Hagan was jailed in July 1996 after he sent sexually explicit, threatening letters to a 19-year-old girl.

She did not know him and was left so traumatised by his three month campaign of intimidation and terror she would not leave the house, eat or sleep. It was clear from the letters that he was following her and in one he warned: “Do what you are told. You know the rules. Obey them or you die.”

Hagan was convicted of causing the girl actual bodily harm because of the trauma she suffered – the first time such a charge had been brought.

He was released from prison in May 1997 – before the Sex Offenders Register became law.

He was the subject of risk management meetings with other agencies, such as probation, where officials discuss the risk of re-offending and danger to the public.

“The meetings look at issues like where a person is living, what they are doing, who they are in contact with, and if we need to take any action,” a police spokesman said.

Judge Batty, QC, warned Hagan his sentence this time would be significant – and suggested it could be more than eight years.

He asked for statements to be taken overnight from Hagan’s latest victim and her father so that he could evaluate the effect of the crime on the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons.