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2010 – Terry McMonagle, was later jailed for six years

April 2010

Paedophile teacher admits sexually abusing four young brothers


An ex-teacher who admitted abusing four young brothers told police he thought it was acceptable for homosexuals to have sexual relations with males of any age.

Sixty-year-old Terence McMonagle, who says he is still attracted to young boys, began the sexual abuse more than 30 years ago.

On Tuesday at the High Court in Glasgow he pleaded guilty to sexually abusing the boys at various addresses in Glasgow and East Kilbride between 1979 and 1996.

Judge Lord Woolma placed McMonagle, of Campbhill Avenue, Glasgow, on the sex offenders’ register and deferred sentence on the first offender for background reports.

Prosecutor Gillian Wade said: “Mr McMonagle stated that he did not know what he was doing  was wrong at the time, although he now knows it was.

“He thought because he was homosexual that it was acceptable to have sexual relations with males of any age. It was only over the years that he had come to see that it was inappropriate to have sexual relations with young boys.

“He admitted in interview that he is still attracted to young children but stated that he is now celibate and does not have access to the internet or children.”

The court was told that as a result of the abuse they suffered at McMonagle’s hands all four boys have had to undergo counselling.

One of the brothers was so traumatised that in his teens he went into a Glasgow Church, undressed and began screaming.

They finally decided to call in the police after a chance meeting with members of the Moira Anderson Trust who persuaded them to go to the authorities.

The court was told that McMonagle worked in different schools in Lanarkshire as a supply teacher for children with learning difficulties. In the last few years of his career he was in an advisory role.

McMonagle also ran youth football teams in Glasgow for a number of years.

The court heard that he abused two of his victims between the ages of six and 13 and the others when they were aged between eight and 14 and nine and 14.

McMonagle told one his young victims: “I love you lots and lots and lots” as he abused him. On another occasion McGonagle said to the same boy: “I only do these things because I love you.” 

McMonagle was remanded in custody and will be sentenced at the High Court in Inverness in June.