April 2008

Paedophile hides face in shame as neighbours learn of past


This is the child rapist whom police have advised to move from his home after neighbours discovered his sordid past

Paedophile Eugene John Worsfold’s identity remained hidden from his Co Down neighbours for several years – but police have now been forced to step up security around him after tensions rose in the area when his secret past was uncovered.

The Belfast Telegraph has learned that police are attempting to secure a Sexual Offences Prevention Order against Worsfold in a bid to more stringently monitor his behaviour and movements. It is understood the move comes after the 41-year-old, who has a number of convictions for offences against children, was arrested for allegedly breaching the terms of his early jail release by failing to tell the authorities where he was residing.

Worsfold was jailed for seven years at the Central Criminal Court in Dublin for twice raping a 14-year-old girl whom he picked up as she walked along the Belfast Road from Swords.

He offered her a lift home as she did not have enough money for the bus fare. However, once she was in the car he drove along the back roads towards Dublin, struck her on the face and raped her in a nettle patch.

He then ordered her back into the car before raping her again and then handed her £1.50 to get a bus home.

When he was being sentenced, Mr Justice Carney said the girl had believed she was going to die.

A few years before the rape Worsfold was jailed at Craigavon Crown Court for 18 months for assaulting, ill treating and neglecting a child.

He has been living in Dundrum for several years. However, on learning about his past, residents now want him out.

DUP MLA for the area, Jim Wells, said: “Everyone in the area was alarmed to hear of this man’s past and that he has been living here without them knowing.”

When approached by the Belfast Telegraph this week, Worsfold tried to hide his face from the camera. When asked if he would like to say anything about his past convictions he replied: “Leave me alone.”