February 2008

Paedophile’s jail term extended after he admits rape

A paedophile jailed for sex abuse 20 years ago has had his prison sentence extended after he admitted rape.

Peter Deacon, 63, sexually abused a six-year-old girl in Daventry and was jailed for five years at Northampton Crown Court in December, after receiving the maximum sentence for his crimes.

A jury returned guilty verdicts on all but one of the 12 child sex abuse allegations he had denied, but could not decide on a rape charge against the same victim.

After the four-day trial, the Crown Prosecution Service decided to re-try Deacon for the rape, to which he pleaded guilty at Leicester Crown Court last week.

Judge Peter Morrell, who sentenced him in December, handed him six-and-a-half years’ imprisonment, to run concurrently with his present term.

The maximum sentence for indecent assault was increased by the Sexual Offences Act 2003, from five years to life.

Passing sentence, the judge added: “I have to sentence you as if I was sentencing you in about 1988 and apply the law which then applied.

“I would sentence you to 10 years, but I cannot do that because the law prevents me. It is rare indeed for a court to pass the maximum sentence, which I do.”

Deacon, formerly of Sheaf Street, Daventry, was convicted of rape, seven indecent assaults and four acts of gross indecency.

Steven Evans, defending, said Deacon was a broken man whose life had been blighted by alcohol.