April 2013

Predatory paedophile’s ‘twisted and depraved’ plot to ‘breed’ a daughter so he could sexually abuse her


  • Robin Malka, 38, hatched a plan to father his own victims

  • He said he believed having sex with babies was ‘natural and beautiful’ 

  • Also sent sickening images of infants being molested and raped

A predatory paedophile plotted to ‘breed’ a daughter he could sexually abuse has been jailed for just 4 years

Robin Malka, 38, a personal fitness trainer hatched a ‘twisted and depraved’ plan to father his own victims and feed his sexual obsession with children. 

French-born Malka said he believed having sex with babies was ‘natural and beautiful’ and sent sickening images of infants being molested and raped. 

Malka used the online username ‘dom4padeomom’ while he chatted with undercover officers ‘Stevie’ and ‘Craig’ about abusing two girls aged three and five. 

He was also a member of sickening internet groups including ‘family fun incest’ and ‘all about incest’.

In addition to arranging a child sex offence in November last year, Malka also admitted possessing 721 indecent images, including pictures and movies at level five – the most serious category which includes images of sadism and bestiality.

The pervert further admitted distributing more than 30 films and photos.

He pleaded guilty to arranging the commission of a child sex offence for which he was sentenced to four years imprisonment.

Malka also admitted possessing and distributing indecent images of children, which he received a 12 month and two year jail term respectively.

The sentences will all run concurrently meaning he will serve four years but is required to serve a minimum of three years before being eligible for parole.

Malka was placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register until further notice and was granted a Sexual Offences Prevention Order for life.

Malka was snared by undercover cops at Mile End Tube station in east London on November 13 last year, after revealing his vile intentions in an online chatroom, Southwark Crown Court heard.

He was previously jailed for a year in April 2006 with 10 years probation at Miami Circuit Court in the US for possessing indecent images.



Prosecutor Peter Zinner told the court: ‘His profile disclosed a depraved and twisted plan to meet with a female and breed his own victims for sexual abuse.

‘It is clear from what police established through e-chat conversations that he is a real threat to children.

‘The content was sexually explicit and leaves one in no doubt that Mr Malka was not only sexually interested in children but that he had abused a child before.

‘Stevie, having realised this was a predatory, determined and possibly active paedophile, suggested she could speak with a friend, Craig, who purported to have two children aged three and five.’

Malka talked to ‘Craig’ about raping the two girls in a conversation on November 6 last year, Mr Zinner said.

The following day, he sent Stevie 28 sickening images of babies and very young children being raped.

‘He said how he would love to try just about anything with Craig’s children and spoke with Stevie about having a baby girl and specific sexual positions while have sex that will give you more chance of having a baby girl. 

‘He went on to say having sexual relationships with babies and children was a natural and beautiful thing.’

Charles Shelton, defending Malka, said he was ‘troubled’ individual who had a thorny relationship with his mother. 

‘This was the very unpleasant blurring of fantasy and reality and some doubt must be attached to whether further steps would have been taken.’

Malka of Cranmer Road, Kennington , admitted arranging a child sex offence, possessing indecent images of children and ten counts of distributing indecent images of children.