November 2002

Man raped girl who turned to him for help

A 15-YEAR-OLD girl was raped when a security guard more than twice her age took advantage of her.

Cardiff Crown Court heard the girl, who was having problems at home, went willingly in Jason Minty’s car last summer but when she fell asleep after he gave her drink, she woke to find him having sex with he r.

Minty, 32, of Tonypandy, admitted rape and was jailed for four years.

Judge Christopher Llewellyn-Jones also ordered him to stay on the sex offenders’ register for life and banned him from ever working with children, telling him: “You said you did not know she was only 15 but she was plainly very young.

“She pestered you to take her in your car but you should have encouraged her to go home.”

Marion Lewis, prosecuting, said the two had ended up in Ogmore where the distressed victim went to the lifeguard station for help.

Minty’s barrister Ron Christie said he had never before been to prison and references from people in his community described him as a de-cent, hard-working family man.

Mr Christie told the court: “He did take advantage of a girl of tender years who turned to him for help but he admitted it immediately saying he could not live with a lie. He misread the situation and he is thoroughly ashamed. There was no violence and no threat used.”