September 2013

Bromley paedophile PCSO Billy Wheatley from Sidcup jailed for extra six months

Billy Wheatley

A CHILD sex offender and former Bromley PCSO from Sidcup has been sentenced to an extra six months after admitting indecently assaulting a five-year-old.

In April Billy Wheatley, of Woodlands Avenue, was jailed for five-and-a-half years for 18 offences, including filming himself sexually assaulting children.

The 25-year-old was found to have 69,000 vile indecent photographs of children when he was arrested on September 13 last year.

The latest victim came forward following the publicity surrounding the case.

In July Wheatley pleaded guilty to six counts of indecent assault and sexual touching on a girl aged under 14 between 1998 and 2000 and was sentenced to an extra six months in jail on Friday. (September 6)

The judge decided a further eight offences would be left on file.

Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Andrew Gattase, from the Met’s Paedophile Unit, said: “We were keen to publicise Wheatley’s conviction in April because we felt sure there were unidentified victims out there.

“The very next day the latest victim came forward and contacted police. Wheatley is a danger to children and I am pleased we were able to bring more charges against him.”

April 2013

Victims of paedophile former PCSO asked to come forward

An image of a former PCSO who has been jailed for sexual offences against children has been released in the hopes more of his victims will come forward.

Billy Wheatley, 25, worked as a PCSO in Bromley for the Metropolitan Police.

Yesterday he appeared at Woolwich Crown Court where he was jailed for five and a half years.

He had previously pleaded guilty to 18 counts, including sexual assault of a girl under 12, taking indecent photos of a girl, and 10 counts of making indecent photos of children.

Investigating officer Det Sgt Andrew Gattase said: “As a PCSO Wheatley was in a position of trust and had a responsibility to his local community.

“Instead he abused that position to take part in despicable crimes, an urge he couldn’t control even after he had been arrested and bailed.

“It is highly likely there are further victims of Wheatley who we don’t know about and I would urge them to come forward and contact us.

“I am pleased the dedicated and tireless work of the Met’s Paedophile Unit has put an end to the activities of Wheatley. This case also shows the Met’s commitment to ensuring those who commit crime are dealt with thoroughly and rooted out from the organisation.”

A spokesman for the Met that said that Paedophile Unit officers executed a search warrant at Wheatley’s home in Sidcup on September 12 last year, and he was arrested for possession of indecent photographs of children.

He was bailed pending further enquiries. Scotland Yard said an examination of his computer revealed almost 69,000 indecent photographs and movies of children. Also recovered was a computer file with mobile phone footage of a young girl, aged around five or six, being sexually assaulted by Wheatley.

A further nine movies of young children were found which appeared to be taken by Wheatley wearing a secret camera.

Wheatley, who was serving at the time as a PCSO and has since resigned, was further arrested on November 23 for sexual assault by penetration and causing a child to engage in sexual activity and voyeurism.

In interview he told police who the young girl in the film was and admitted assaulting her on two previous occasions. He also admitted assaulting the girl’s older brother, aged 13 or 14 at the time.

Scotland Yard said that enquiries revealed after his initial arrest, Wheatley had continued to access and make indecent images of children despite being on police bail.

Further victims or anyone with information call the Paedophile Unit on 020 7161 3770 or 07827 936642.