November 2002

Rapist jailed for life term

A rapist described by a judge as a danger to both women and children was jailed for life

Ronald Lloyd, 25, of Ty Trappa Road, Cwmbran, admitted three charges of rape against a woman in her 20s over a period of more than two-and-a-half years.

Cardiff Crown Court was told that former security guard Lloyd also had a previous conviction for a sex assault on a child aged six

Lloyd preyed on the “weak and vulnerable” woman and used violence and threats, the court was told.

Judge John Griffith Williams, QC, said that Lloyd himself had admitted his urges were uncontrollable and said he had become obsessed.

The judge said he was entirely satisfied that Lloyd had dominated the woman, knowing she was emotionally fragile.

He told Lloyd he agreed with reports that he clearly represented a risk to the general public and would remain a continuing risk unless his deviant sexual fantasies could be addressed. 

“You are a dangerous individual who will pose a significant risk to women and children,” said the judge. “You have avoided treatment. I cannot be satisfied you will be successfully treated. You may continue a danger to women and children.” 

The judge said there was no alternative to a sentence of life imprisonment and he ordered Lloyd to register as a sex offender for life. 

The first attack on the woman happened in August 1998. 

Huw Evans, for the prosecution, told the court, “She was distressed by what he was doing. 

“She pushed at him and repeatedly told him to stop. He used his strength in order to hold her down.” 

Mr Evans said that Lloyd hit and threatened the woman using his “power and control”. 

She did not make a formal complaint to police until May last year. 

Mr Evans said that in 1994 Lloyd was convicted of indecently assaulting a six-year-old girl in the Pontypool area. 

Leighton Hughes, for the defence, said Lloyd remained a continuing risk “until these issues are addressed”. 

“Here is someone who is socially and intellectually challenged,” said Mr Hughes. 

The judge told Lloyd he must not apply to the parole board for release on licence until he had served at least two years and nine months.