April 2008


A SOUTH Lakeland woman who filmed young naked children as they cavorted with two homosexual men has lost her appeal for a shorter jail term.

London’s Court of Appeal heard that Sandra Storey, 28, enjoyed every minute of the debauchery as she put together a “truly shocking video”, and was “shrieking with laughter” when one of the youngsters simulated sex.

The offence involved children aged eight to 14.

Storey, of Corner House, Main Street, Grange, pleaded guilty in Carlisle Crown Court in August last year to permitting indecent photographs of a child to be taken.

She was sentenced on February 22 this year to 21 months imprisonment and a sexual offences prevention order was also imposed.

Sir Christopher Holland said that Storey’s two homosexual friends, Ashley Wilson and Andrew Sharpe, who live together in Dearden Close, Grange befriended children and invited them to their flat.

There, they plied them with alcohol and showed them pornographic videos.

On May 5 or 6, 2006, Storey videotaped the pair cavorting with children at her flat.

The sentencing judge described the tape as a “truly shocking video”, adding it was plain that Storey was “enjoying the spectacle of what was going on” and “enjoying every minute of it”.

Sir Christopher told how Storey was “shrieking with laughter” when a naked child jumped on the back of one of the men and simulated sexual acts.

The video also showed one of the men simulating sex with a female child on the sofa.

Storey appealed her sentence on grounds that it was “far too long”.

Her legal team argued that she should have escaped prison and been made the subject of a community order instead.

However Sir Christopher, accompanied on the bench by Mr Justice Hedley, concluded the sentence could “readily be justified” and rejected the appeal.

Sharpe and Wilson were both jailed for 32 months for various sex offences.