May 2010

Perv DJ’s sick teen obsession


This is the sleazy 60-year-old Ulster DJ who became infatuated with a schoolgirl.

Country and Gospel music loving Wes Pigott was jailed for two and a half years last week for indecently assaulting the teen with whom he had become obsessed.

The pervy Coleraine man supplied the girl with cigarettes, bombarded her with text messages and handed over the keys of his flat.

At Antrim Crown Court, prosecutors said Pigott’s behaviour prior to indecently assaulting the schoolgirl amounted to “grooming”.

And passing sentence, Judge Smyth slammed Pigott for his lack of remorse.

Sleazebag Pigott has a Facebook site in which he describes himself as single, interested in women and looking for dating and a relationship.

But the Crown Court heard how the country music local radio DJ had become infatuated with a teenage schoolgirl before indecently assaulting her at his flat sometime during the summer of 2007.

Prosecutors said Pigott’s behaviour in befriending the teenager was a “disturbing attempt to usurp the rights of her parents”.

A defence barrister said Pigott had led an exemplary life until the summer of 2007, but his conviction meant that it was “highly unlikely he’ll find work again”.

Sunday Life can reveal that 60-year-old Pigott also has a page on the Bebo social networking site, which is popular with teenagers.

On his Bebo profile Pigott says he’s “about 55 years of age” and describes himself as a “jock with a difference” who loves “driving about in my blue passion wagon, my blue 206 sports”.

He tells how he DJ’ed at a local radio station and at country gigs at a Ballymena nightspot.

“My favourite music is Irish and American country, showbands, country gospel and easy listening.

“As you can see I lead a honest and varied lifestyle,” wrote pervy Pigott.

Pigott’s plea of not guilty meant his victim had to go through the ordeal of giving evidence at his trial and he also insisted that there was nothing inappropriate about his relationship with the girl.

Judge Smyth said: “One of the worrying aspects of this case is that there has never been an acceptance of responsibility.

“Not only did Mr Pigott say this didn’t happen but he said he didn’t feel there was anything wrong in relation to his behaviour.”

The judge said he had been disturbed by the frequency Pigott sent the girl text messages, saying any right-thinking person would have realised his behaviour was an attempt to undermine parental control.