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October 2012

Paedo breached a probation order


A child rapist has been warned that he is drinking in the last chance saloon.

Serial paedophile Andrew McFadden, 60, has until next April to prove he can behave himself or risk being thrown back in jail.

The hulking brute was freed from prison last year after serving half of a five year sentence for raping a Ballymena schoolgirl and sexually abusing her best friend.

Sunday Life pictured him at the time strolling the streets of Belfast past young girls looking like he did not have a care in the world.

McFadden, who is battling an alcohol addiction, has other indecent assault on children convictions dating back to 1991.

As part of his early release conditions he has to attend community sex offender group work programmes.

But the thug failed to show at an appointment last month sparking fears about his behaviour.

Police visited McFadden at his hostel home in south Belfast and he was charged with breaching the terms of a custody probation order.

The child rapist appeared at Antrim Crown Court last week to be told that he was being given until April next year to behave himself.

McFadden was warned that if he misses any further meetings, or does not adhere to a booze ban, he could be slung back in jail.

A hostel source told Sunday Life that the paedophile was “lying low” since appearing in court.

“McFadden’s been keeping his head down because he is terrified of appearing in Sunday Life again,” said the insider. “He hates the public knowing that he is a paedophile who raped a wee girl and sexually assaulted others.”

McFadden was jailed for five years at Antrim Crown Court in February 2009 after admitting raping a schoolgirl and sexually abusing her young friend.

The sickening crimes took place in 2006 and 2007 when the victims were aged just 13 and 14.

He had previously been convicted in 1991 of indecently assaulting two sisters.

A defence barrister told the court that McFadden had groomed his victims by supplying them with booze and cigarettes.

When McFadden got out of jail last year he was placed in the notorious Centenary House hostel in the centre of Belfast but was later moved to a hostel in the south of the city.

February 2009

Paedophile jailed for sex attacks

A man has been jailed for five years after pleading guilty to raping and sexually abusing a schoolgirl and indecently assaulting her friend.

Andrew McFadden, 57, of Toome Road, Ballymena, was also banned from having unsupervised contact with children and placed on the Sex Offenders register.

Antrim Crown Court heard the offences took place two years ago when the girls were aged between 13 and 14.

McFadden had been convicted in 1991 of indecently assaulting two sisters.

A defence barrister said McFadden had been the victim of local harassment since his 1991 conviction and had been “leading a sad and solitary existence”.

McFadden pleaded guilty to raping one girl, indecently assaulting her on a number of occasions and indecently assaulting her friend during 2006 and the first half of 2007.

A prosecuting QC said McFadden had befriended the girls and would often supply them with alcohol and cigarettes.

The judge praised the actions of a husband and wife who had raised concerns about McFadden’s behaviour after seeing him attempting to kiss and fondle one of the girls.

Jailing McFadden, the judge told him it was clear that one of his victims in particular “was a vulnerable child of 13 – she was young and you were willing to take advantage of her”.

He said McFadden’s claims of being drunk at the time were “no possible excuse”.

The judge said the value of McFadden’s guilty pleas were “of considerable weight”, because if he had persisted with his initial denials, “the damage to these families would have been quite considerable”.

McFadden will also serve three years of probation upon his release from prison.