April 2013

Pervert sent autistic 13 yr old girl Facebook sex messages


A PERVERT bombarded an autistic 13-year-old girl with hundreds of sexually explicit Facebook messages and urged her to meet him at Alton Towers theme park.

David Jamieson formerly of Dumbarton told the youngster that he “loved” her during the sordid grooming bid, and asked her whether she felt “sexually excited” by him.

The 50-year-old was caught when he sent another explicit message to the girl’s twin sister asking her to expose her breasts.

The teenager alerted her mother and a check of her disabled sister’s Facebook account uncovered 800 postings from Jamieson.

Jamieson appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to sending the girl explicit text and Facebook messages between July 1 and October 19, 2011, along with gifts while trying to get her to meet him.

The court heard that the girl has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning difficulties, and is on the autistic spectrum. Jamieson also admitted a charge of making a sexual remark to her sister on an occasion between September 28 and October 19, 2011.

Jamieson, from Leith, had met the twin sisters, who can’t be identified for legal reasons, and their mother while on holiday in Cyprus and kept in touch with the girls through Facebook when he returned to Edinburgh.

He sent the disabled sister tickets to an English Premiership match between Everton and Queens Park Rangers, and also gave her an Everton top.

His Facebook postings became increasingly sexual, while telling her “I’m daft on you” and “I love you”.

The court heard that the teenager struggled to understand what Jamieson was writing to her. In one exchange, Jamieson asked what the girl thought of him when they met and she replied she thought he was “funny”.

He asked, “Did you feel sexually excited as well?” and the teenager replied, “Nar”.

He was caught when he sent her twin sister a message asking her “Have you signed up for Playboy yet?” before asking her to expose her breasts to “let the air get to them”.

The appalled youngster replied: “I’m 13, that’s sick you weirdo” and promptly informed her mother.

Jamieson was later arrested and told police that he thought the twins were 15 years old, and that he must have been drunk when he sent the ­messages.

Defence solicitor Mark Harrower told the court that during his police interview, Jamieson told detectives that he felt “really embarrassed” by the messages, adding that when he sent them “it didn’t seem real”.

Sheriff Donald Corke deferred sentence on Jamieson, of Albion Gardens, until May 22 for reports and placed him on the sex offenders register.