April 2013

Occult obsessed paedophile jailed


The mother of two young girls abused by a occult obsessed paedophile has said 20 years behind bars is “nowhere enough of a punishment”

Paul Stephen Roberts, Of Beldham hall, Halstead was jailed at Croydon crown court  after being found guilty of 24 child sex offences

The 36 year old repeatedly abused two sisters – one of whom he raped when she was just five – while they were in his care

Their mother said: “I know 20 years is a long time – buts its not long enough. He could be out in 15 years if he admits his guilt and if he does he will still be young enough to do something like this again”

Croydon crown court heard that Roberts was heavily into magic and the occult, using his so called powers to frighten and coerce one of his victims. He even threatened to make her disappear if she was naughty and that he knew devils living underground that would take her away

Computers seized by police following his arrest in August 2011 were found to contain 235 level 2 indecent images and 4 level 4 videos of children. He also has a sophisticated shredder to delete numerous images off his computer

The victims mother who knew Roberts through a family friend said she had never suspected anything – despite others finding him creepy

“The police asked me if I knew anything about him being a Somali witch and whether I knew about his interest in his occult. I never did”, recalled the mother

“He had a tattoo on his left hand of a green triangle with 666 on it. I just thought it was a bit of a joke”

Detective constable Robert Colgan of the MPS child investigation command described Roberts as “manipulative and cunning”

He added “Roberts robbed these two young girls of their childhood innocence. I hope now that the fact he is behind bars will provide some measure of comfort for them. They have been very brave and he (Roberts) is no longer in a position to hurt anybody else”

The girls mother said she is now relieved he is locked up despite feeling that teh sentence should of been longer

She added “I don’t really know where to go from here. I just want everyone to know what hes done”

Roberts was also required to sign the sex offenders register for the rest of his life