April 2013

Paedophile builder raped girl, 4, at Exeter home while he pretended to help her with jigsaw


A builder has been jailed after he abused a four-year-old girl as he pretended to help her do a jigsaw puzzle.

Robert Trump, aged 28, was branded a perverted sexual opportunist by a judge after he was told how he attacked the girl after being left alone with her for just a few minutes.

He was visiting a friend’s house when the victim’s father went out to a cashpoint, leaving him with the little girl as she played with her jigsaw.

Trump initially claimed to have touched her by accident as he was picking up a piece of the puzzle but a specialist medical examination showed his assault had been forceful and deliberate.

The trauma of the attack and the investigation left the girl scared of the dark and nervous of doctors and the parents worried about entrusting her to anyone else, Exeter Crown Court was told.

Self employed builder Trump, of Courtenay Road, Exeter, admitted sexual assault (by penetration) and was jailed for five years and four months by Judge Phillip Wassall.

He told him:”You took the opportunity to sexually assault this young girl who was only four. It may have been of short duration but was of sufficient force to cause injuries.

“You have no background of sexual offending and there was no reason for this assault. It was purely perverted sexual opportunism that caused you to commit this dreadful offence.

“I am told the father pleads guilty for leaving you alone with his daughter. He should not. Parents should not feel guilty about trusting a friend with their children, particularly if there is no reason to distrust them.

“You breached that trust and altered this little girl’s life and the lives of her parents fundamentally and probably for a very long time.

“The victim impact statements show both parents have suffered a great deal. The child has suffered more and it us uncertain how she will cope with what happened to her.”

Mr David Evans, prosecuting, said the attack happened in August last year when Trump was visiting the parents. He was a friend who had watched a children’s movie with the father and the girl.

The father left the house for a few minutes to go to a cashpoint, leaving Trump with his daughter, who was doing a jigsaw puzzle.

The girl later complained of discomfort and told her mother ‘Rob itched my bits’. He told police he may have touched her by accident while retrieving a jigsaw piece or during horseplay.

Mr Evans said redness and soreness was found during an intimate examination by a leading consultant but in their victim impact statements the parents revealed the girl is now nervous about seeing doctors.

Mr Lee Bremridge, defending, said Trump deserves credit for pleading guilty and sparing the girl and her parents the ordeal of giving evidence.

He said:”There was no coercion or threats. He has expressed deep shame and remorse for an event which happened completely without reason. He is willing to attend sex offenders’ courses in prison.”