August 1992

Pervert escapes jail with suspended sentence

George William Amis was given a suspended prison sentence for indecently assaulting a young girl who was actually his nice 32 years ago and then the victims daughter about 25 years later

Amis now 59 (in 1992) of the Quadrant, Balkwell estate, North Shields pleaded guilty to two specimen charges of the offence

The first offence occurred in 1960 when the woman then aged eight went into her aunt and uncles bed when she was staying with them in their North Shields home

When the aunt left the bedroom the uncle asked his niece to touch his private parts, then he touched her

Prosecution said: “this happened on several occasions”

In the second offence the court was told the accused great niece was at the home when milk was spilt on her dress

When she took it off to dry, he touched her exposed breasts, then put his hands down her knickers

On another occasion he touched her breasts whilst she was talking on the telephone

Mitigating said:”the more serious of the offences took place more than 25 years ago”

“the antiquity is a matter for some importance when you are dealing with an elderly person who is not a fugitive”

He added: “for a long time there did not appear to be any adverse effect”

Mitigating went on: “the first victim has subsequently stayed with her uncle and that and when the second offence came to light, it was another two years before it was reported to the police”

When passing sentence the judge told the accused: “The question I have to decide   is whether with offending of this sort, justice requires you go prison straight away, it has not been a easy decision, because of course, this type of offence can occur frequently and it is not discovered until a long time afterwards”

“I’ve got to consider all the factors – the degree of gravity, the length of time and the effect it has had on the victims”

Amis was sentenced to a total of 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years and ordered to pay £100 costs. A suspended supervision order was also imposed.

Detectives working on the case believe it made North East legal history because of the length of time it took for the case to be heard

For the sake of abuse victims throughout the North East, the woman bravely told her story and gave her reaction to the verdict

“If people do not know this horrendous story, children will go on being abused and will not be able to find the courage to bring the guilty to justice” said mrs X

“I am glad the case has come to court after all these years. The fact he was given a suspended sentence for the offences he admitted doing to me and my daughter was not wonderful”

“But I feel the judge had the measure of the man, he realized this man was a risk to children”

“My daughter is devastated he did not receive a prison sentence. I felt getting the case to court was a major step for justice”

“This story has to be told, there may be others who have suffered in a similar way and have been unable to bring it out in the open”

The mother added that what made her sick after the court hearing was that the man’s solicitor – a woman – congratulated the guilty man for the outcome of the case

A newspaper clipping also from August 1992