May 2013

Paedophile Andrew Colyer’ s sick messages help convict lover Joanne Gibson … from beyond the grave

Text messages from beyond the grave, which were penned by a sick child sex pervert, have been read to a court.

They were sent by Andrew Colyer, 50, to his girlfriend Joanne Gibson who was half his age, urging her to take disgusting photographs of a child.

Colyer was found dead in his cell at Elmley Prison last November while awaiting trial on child abuse image charges.

But extracts of his phone texts to Gibson, who had planned a career in child care,were read to a judge at Canterbury Crown Court – after she admitted three charges involving illegal images of a child.

Prosecutor Eloise Marshall told Canterbury Crown Court how the 25-year-old had been in a relationship with her older lover from Tunbridge Wells.

In May last year she made a complaint to police that she had been attacked by Colyer and complained he had sent her threatening texts.

Officers took her mobile phone away for forensic examination and discovered the couple’s vile sex secret involving a child.

Gibson, of Church Square, Broadstairs had claimed how her lover had asked for her to take images of children but she had resisted his requests.

But the truth was she had taken photographs and had made a movie, which she then sent to Colyer.

She was arrested and admitted she knew her boyfriend had child sex images on his computer and had confessed his perverted attraction to youngsters.

But instead of contacting the police, Gibson agreed to supply child images despite claiming that her partner would make her view disgusting pictures during their sick love-making.

Gibson later revealed she had also invented a story about warped sex activity she alleged she had with a child as a way of turning on Colyer.

Ms Marshall said that the text messages the two exchanged “showed she was not “on the whole being threatened or coerced”.

One of them read: “I need you constantly. I want videos. Good ones. OK?”

Another one said: “I have never stopped loving you. How are we going to meet up soon? You are still my girl.”

Followed by: “OK…there is still a long way to go. The video will help.“

And another: “Why have you stopped texting me? Any videos to send? Any love and support to send? Still waiting for something to watch and excite me! My Joanne. I love you. I want some video action, darling. When you going to start sorting some?”

But Oliver Kirk, defending, claimed that Colyer was a control freak who “controlled where she lived and who she saw”.

He added: “He was also sexually controlling of her as well. He was a man who had convictions for violence, including allegations of assault on a previous partner.”

The barrister said the complaint to police followed an alleged assault by Colyer which resulted in Gibson losing consciousness and being treated for a broken nose.

These really are the most appalling messages to have to read from a very disturbed man

“She told the police that among the things he would do was urinate on her. She was so worn down by his constant demands that she lacked the strength both of character and physically to say no.

“It was in those circumstances that she took the photographs. She was genuinely coerced by him…a much younger, vulnerable and weak lady.”

He also read another text message from Colyer sent after her complaint to police which read: “You are a revolting piece of sh-t, a disgusting low-life slut. You do not give a sh-t about anyone but yourself.”

Colyer then threatened to abuse his lover and kill her, adding he would “beat you, drown you and slit its(her) throat”.

Mr Kirk added: “These really are the most appalling messages to have to read from a very disturbed man.”

He said Gibson denied having any sexual interest in children but was “an isolated and bewildered young lady”.

The barrister said going to prison would have “the most crushing effect” on Gibson.

She was given 10-month jail sentence suspended for two years, after Judge Heather Norton (pictured above) told Gibson she had given a variety of accounts about her relationship during interviews with psychiatrists and doctors.

“Whether that is because you have found it difficult to be forthcoming or whether there is an element of exaggeration and invention for another reason is entirely unclear.

“Whatever the coercion from Colyer you had the opportunity to talk to the police. You did have options!”

The judge told Gibson she would not be able to work with children and for the next five years would be subject to a Sex Offences Prevention Order meaning she will not be allowed to have unauthorised contact with youngsters.