May 2013

Jail for man who posed as teen online to chat to girls


A 27-YEAR-OLD Walsall man who posed as a teenager to indulge in sexual conversations with three young schoolgirls online has been jailed for two years.

Judge Nicholas Webb told Andrew Brocklebank, of no fixed address, that he was “at the very least a sexual pest who feeds on young girls to gratify himself”.

“You tricked your way into the lives of three 14-year-olds to obtain some sort of sexual gratification for yourself,” he added.

Brocklebank pretended he was a 16-year-old but when the concerned mother of one of his victims got in touch with him he then posed as his own father. There was a degree of persistence and controlling to the offences, the judge said, telling Brocklebank: “You have a history of displaying an unhealthy interest in much younger females.”

Wolverhampton Crown Court was told on Thursday (May 23) that Brocklebank had not taken the offending any further.

“At the moment, I cannot be sure you are dangerous so I cannot impose an extended sentence,” the judge concluded.

But he warned Brocklebank that if he committed another similar offence in the future a prison sentence would have to be imposed for “the protection of the public”.

Brocklebank admitted three charges of inciting a young girl to engage in sexual activity and was also ordered to register as a sex offender for 10 years.

Mr Mark Rees, prosecuting, said there had been some “heavy traffic” between Brocklebank whose previous convictions included child abduction and sexual assault. Brocklebank had pretended to be a 16-year-old boy named Andy Bate and put a picture of another young man on Facebook claiming it was him, the court heard.

It all ended, Mr Rees added, when concerned parents became involved. The police were alerted and Brocklebank was tracked down by officers

May 2013

Pervert persuaded underage girl to send him a topless photo

A serial sexual predator made an underage girl text him a topless picture of herself – weeks after being released from jail for abusing another woman.

Andrew Brocklebank, from Willenhall, West Midlands, posed as a teenager to strike up an online relationship with three schoolgirls in October last year.

Just six weeks earlier the former telesales boss, 26, had been released after serving a 28-month sentence for luring a co-worker into a back office and groping her.

And in 2005 Brocklebank was jailed for two-and-a-half years at Chester Crown Court after admitting trying to abduct an 11-year-old boy from a Crewe school, by pretending to be his cousin.

Last week at Wolverhampton Crown Court Brocklebank pleaded guilty to three charges of inciting a female child to engage in sexual activity and was remanded in custody to be sentenced later this month.

The mother of one of his latest victims admitted she had been duped by the pervert, who convinced her over the phone that he was a 16-year-old schoolboy from Birmingham.

The 41-year-old said: “It was only because we have such a trusting and open relationship with our 14-year-old daughter that she had the confidence to tell us about Brocklebank when his postings became more sexual.”

She told how Brocklebank had used the Blackberry instant messaging service BBM to first contact his daughter and her two friends in October last year.

“He uploaded a photo of a teenage boy and claimed his name was Andrew Bate on his Facebook and Twitter pages and said he lived on the Pershore Road in Birmingham and attended Kings Heath Boys School in the city.

“When he tried to arrange a meeting with the girls I checked him out on Facebook and even spoke to him on the phone.

“I asked to speak to his father and he passed the phone to someone who sounded convincing and reassured me that everything was OK.

“But I still felt something wasn’t right and insisted that the girls couldn’t meet him without a chaperone.

“He would ring quite often and speak on the phone to all three girls and at that age they were quite impressed with the attention which encouraged him further, to the extent that in January one of my daughter’s 14-year-old friends sent him a picture wearing just a bra and trousers.”

She added: “My daughter found out and told me, so I immediately informed her friend’s parents who went straight to police.’’

The girls later told police that Brocklebank’s messages had become increasingly sexual and abusive.

March 2005

Prison for ‘predator’

A ‘PREDATOR’ who attempted to abduct a child was caught thanks to the vigilance of school staff.

Andrew Brocklebank of the Loont, Winsford was jailed for two-and-a-half years at Chester Crown Court after admitting trying to abduct an 11-year-old boy from Over Hall School, in Ludlow Close, Winsford, by pretending to be his cousin.

He told staff the boy’s grandmother was ill, but changed his story when quizzed by headteacher Hilary Berry, saying the child’s grandmother had died.

Suspicious staff refused to let 19-year-old Brocklebank take the boy and phoned his mother, who confirmed he was not related.

Brocklebank drove away at speed, but staff called police who later arrested him.

Deputy headteacher Simon Kidwell said: ‘I’m pleased with the way our staff handled the situation. We are always making sure the children are safe and we will continue to be vigilant.’

Inspector Brian Roberts of Cheshire police praised the school saying: ‘I would like to thank the staff at the school for their swift and decisive action. I highlight in particular the headteacher and reception staff.

‘As a result of them challenging him and then providing us with an excellent description, we were able to trace him.’

PC Chris Williams, of Winsford Community Action Team, recognised the description as matching a driver and car he had stopped the previous week.

Insp Roberts added: ‘Great work by the staff and PC Williams resulted in a dangerous individual being removed from the streets of Winsford.’

Jailing the teenager, Judge Roger Dutton called Brocklebank a ‘predator’ who seduced youngsters to hang around with him.

The judge was at a loss to explain Brocklebank’s fascination with younger people. He noted that Brocklebank had married a 16-year-old girl and got her pregnant three times.

Judge Dutton said: ‘Attempted abduction is so serious that only custody can reflect this.’