May 2013

‘Dangerous’ pervert jailed for NHS and nurseries dirty calls


A pervert who masturbated while talking on the telephone to a children’s nursery and bombarded the NHS with dirty calls for his own sexual gratification has been jailed.

Judge Brown said: “I am satisfied the purpose of all these nuisance calls was sexual gratification.

“You are a sexually deviant man and you have an extremely worrying and concerning interest in young children.

“In my view you are very dangerous.”

Graham Turner, 33, was sentenced to 20 months in prison, handed a five year restraining order and given an indefinite sexual offences prevention order (SOPA).

He admitted a string of offences relating to sexually explicit phone calls and harassment of a young mother and her family in what was labelled a bid to “groom” her children.

Sat in the dock wearing a striped blue jumper and glasses, Turner went red-faced when the long list of depraved charges against him was read out at Liverpool Crown Court.

From 26th July to 22nd August Turner, who lives in Wirral with his mother, telephoned NHS Direct, NHS 24 in Scotland, NHS Wales and Chester GP out-of-hours service.

The nature of his calls were bogus and he gave false names and pretended he was a concerned parent seeking medical help for his non-existent children.

Nearly all of the conversations related to a problem the child had with his or her genital area, which Turner phrased as “down below”.

On 8th August the depraved former telesales clerk for Bank of America called the NHS helplines claiming he was the father of “Beth Adams”.

At 12:17am he posed as Graham Adams and asked nurses in Chester for advice on a “swollen testicle” before speaking to another nurse about “daughter” Beth.

He claimed she had a rash and a temperature when he was called back at 12:35am and called back twice before posing as Adam Adams to complain Beth’s rash was worsening.

The event lasted for four hours during which Turner called NHS Wales claiming to be the parent of a girl who had a rash and asked “if cream should be applied”.

He told the nurse that he could see a “discharge” from the fictional girl’s genitals and was advised to go to hospital where Turner said he wanted to see a female doctor.

Then on 15th August he called NHS Direct claiming to be a single parent of a girl who had been stung by a bee on her private parts.

When nurses reached his voice mail on his mobile phone they were greeted by the name “Graham” and staff became suspicious because of Turner’s modus operandi.

A year earlier he had embarked on a campaign of nuisance calls for his own sexual pleasure wasting 78 hours of NHS time.

After being quizzed by police in August last year Turner was charged with five offences under the Communications Act and released on bail.

But his disturbing pattern of behaviour continued and he began contacting children’s nurseries which led to him being charged with 15 more offences.

Sarah Holt QC, prosecuting, told the court of Turner’s sordid past and creepy habit of harassing women with sexually explicit phone calls and text messages.

In 2011, Turner sent 4,000 text messages to women who had placed adverts in Loot and on eBay.

He also stalked a mother from Oldham and sent her obscene messages about her two year-old daughter which resulted in the SOPA being enforced.

The court heard despite being on bail for his latest offences in August last year, Turner “bombarded” day nurseries, private clinics, chiropodists and Slimming World with calls.

After a member of staff at Ash House nursery in Wallasey contacted police because she thought Turner had been masturbating while talking over the phone about children, the extent of his offending came to light.

He was caught when the telephone number he volunteered to police in July was linked with the 102 calls to 15 organisations over from 23rd August to 12th December.

He was charged with offences under the Malicious Communications Act and admitted all the charges against him.

Tessa Hinder, defending, described her client as a “lonely and shy man”.

Miss Hinder added: “The defendant fully accepts his guilt as to the nature of the phone calls and pleaded guilty to the charge of harassment at the first day of trial.”

He admitted breaking a five-year SOPO order by entering a house where a child under 16 lived, harassment and sending threatening text messages.

Sentencing Turner to 20 months in prison Judge Mark Brown called the 32 year-old an “extremely dangerous individual when it comes to children”.