May 2013

Horse sex attack of ‘lonely’ pervert, 66

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A pervert caught molesting a horse in a field told the disgusted owner he was “lonely”

Brazen William Nicoll, 66, was spotted by the shocked mother when she arrived with her four kids to check on the foal.

She said nothing in a bid to protect the children but returned to find Nicoll at it again, after a neighbour raised the alarm.

When he was confronted, he blurted out: “I’m checking the horse is all right.

“I live by myself and I’m very lonely.”

Prosecutor Carol Whyte told Perth Sheriff Court yesterday the owner felt “phyically sickened” after she caught Nicoll. Ms Whyte went on: “He seemed so engrossed with what he was doing and didn’t see her and her children approach.”

Later, another local in Crieff, Perthshire, watched sly Nicoll follow the animal before the second assault.

Ms Whyte said: “People walked past and each time the accused would pat the foal until no one was watching.” His lawyer Alison McKay told the hearing he was “vulnerable”.

She added: “He would like to have been a vet.”

Nicoll was placed on the sex offenders’ register after admitting breach of the peace and alarming the public by assaulting the foal in July last year. Sentence was deferred.